Karen Klein, School Bus Monitor, Harassed By Mean Kids; Internet Responds With Paid Vacation

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This video encapsulates the best and worst of human behavior.

Yesterday, the world got to see a group of idiot 12-15 year-old kids verbally abusing a 69-year-old bus monitor in Greece, N.Y. named Karen Klein.

Like, really badly. To the point that she cried.

The worst comment one kid made? "You are so ugly, your kids should kill themselves." Klein's son apparently did take his own life 10 years ago.

Depressing as it gets. But now, the redeeming part.

According to Mashable, irate users on Reddit, 4chan, YouTube and elsewhere decided to support Klein ... and not by offering bullying services to give the kids a taste of their own medicine (although we'll get to that in a moment).

Not even 24 hours later, more than $9,000 has been raised online to send the harassed Karen on the vacation of a lifetime! How great is that?

Enjoy it, Karen ... and get ready to reap what you sowed, kids.

There's already a Facebook group dedicated to opposing them, and local police are considering stationing officers outside their homes for fear of retribution.

UPDATE, 6/22: Klein has received a staggering $440,000 in donations - not a typo - and more importantly, an apology from two of the bullies.

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Well that is what happen when parents want to be friends and don't want to disciple there children. The law said we cant kill them, are leave marks. These kids are so bad I can whip they ass myself and the folks. You have bad kids and they know it. they act out at home.


YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON!!!!! Also, these days, parents need to be more of a parent and less of a friend to their children. Example...back in the day, when my mom was alive (she passed away from cancer on November 6th, 2003), she let me know VERY UNAPOLOGETICALLY that she was the parent and that I was the child. Furthermore, she told me that she felt like she was put on this Earth to be my mother and NOT my friend. Beverly, by drumming these 2 values (or whatever) in me, my mom actually did me a huge favor (or whatever) in the long run...especially as I got older. Most of all, my mom was VERY GUNG HO on parental discipline in the family home. At all times. Take care.


Hi Karen, I watched this video in horror. I see how many of our childen behave toward others. It is so sad. I am so sorry you had to endure this horrible abuse. I am in my late 50's and have always respected my elders and all people. I believe all people (all living life) should be treated with diginity, respect and love. I hope this opens the door for so many parents to get involved in their childrens lives. I think we should respect our older folks with love and respect. They have so much to share as they have lived life and have much wisdom to hand down. Our country is so out of sorts with teaching our children. Again I am so sorry for what you went through and I hope you have the best vacation ever. God Bless your Heart. You are loved. From Roxanne


this is a fine example of our youth today... i have 2 daughter in this age range an if they ever spoke to an adult like this id beat them and them dragthere sorry ass to karens home so that they can say sorry to her face...todays parents want to be thier kids pal not parents what happen to manners ,respect for your elders and just being kind to others...the apple doesnt fall far from the tree so blame the kids and thier parents


The school system should have paid for this harrassement. The kids should have been placed in a special classroom next year or spent time in a junvenile facility for at least a year or a wilderness camp maybe then they would learn proper behavior. I commend Mrs. Klein for I would have slapped the kids.


Appauling indeed! And even more so, the haphazard appology notes scribbled on a pieces of paper. Each of those young boys should appologize IN PERSON at her front door step along with their parents! I also believe those boys should mow her lawn, clean her house, do her errands, until they reach 18 for starters! Like father like son, time will tell what the parents character is truly like! Shame on those parents as well! She should keep all the money, retire, and do with it what she pleases! Appauled in Colorado!!!


Why not publish the names of these kids if they were brave enough to torment this lady be brave enough to own up or keep your mouths shut!!!!!


i couldnt watch the whole thing. the lady just sitting there and kid calling her mean name after mean name. i am a teen and wouldnt dare do that because my parents raised me better. i think its disgusting and twiste ho wthey find it AMUSING to taunt an elder. its called respect. those kid deserve to spend a year in jail! i wish i wouldve been on the bus and i wouldve stuck up for the lady. i cant even believe the NAMES they called her. i feel terrible. i want to give those kids a peice of my mind! and she had to just sit there and live with it. they should feel terrible about themselves.


Pls karen klein just forgive them for they don't know what they are doing


It's just an example of very BAD parental Programing showing up in the parent's children! Every psychologist knows and most parents DENY that the attitudes of ALL kids begin at home! So, blame and punish the underlying cause of this bad behavior - the parents of these "mean" kids!