Karen Klein, Bullied School Bus Monitor, Receives $140,000 in Donations, Feels Sorry For Kids

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Students on Greece, N.Y., school bus No. 784 tormented Karen Klein to the point of tears this week, calling her awful names and spewing hateful comments.

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    I thought I would comment on Karen Klein the Bulling of the bus Driver. Teachers in New Orleans are bullied all the time. I was curses, mentally abused, this year by students at L.B. High School in New Orleans, and I was penalized for aiding that the students were unruly and disrespectful. I have several videos'. They had even posted me on the Facebook, but could not find it I one of the first teacher laid off this pas week. They not only did it to me, the harm several teachers and vandalized their classroom and nothing was done because you must do a paper trail. I recommended a training course, and I was laughed at. These children have so much protection by law, and the teacher and support staff has no protection teachers are afraid to come forward because they would be without a job, just as I. Of course, that was not their reason for dismissing


    I was sickened when I watched this video. How this women sat there so calmly is beyond me. I would not of been able to control myself as she did. It is time parents stood up to the plate and started taking control of their children instead of trying to be friends with them. These boys along with every other bully need to be punished. I am so glad there names were published because maybe now if they are tormented the way they tormented that poor bus monitor it will teach them a lesson. So Luis, Wesley, Brandon and Joshua how does it feel you little punks.


    So....Ellen are you now like 105 years old?


    Have you ever noticed how many different cultures truly honor and respect their elders and listen to their wisdom? What values and morals are some parents teaching their youth in America? I don't feel it is the responsibility of teachers to raise the parent's children!!! Perhaps some parents need to get more involved in their children's lives. Teach them about what is really most important in life...teach them about relationships and feelings! Discipline is about behavior and consequences.Karen is not a ROBOT on a video game...she is a HUMAN BEING with feelings!!! Some children are loosing their sensitivity especially for other people. Written apologies to Karen was a virtuous lesson. Why didn't the bus driver take some resposibility? This sad incident was both disturbing and hurtful... emotional/mental abuse. Bulling needs to stop now! THANKS TO OUR FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA FOR HER EFFORTS IN WORKING TO END BULLING IN AMERICA!!!God Bless...America.


    These kids don't understand what it is to be bullied. One day they will.


    I had to stop watching after about 50 seconds. I cant stand that these kids would do this.


    I had to stop watching it at the minute or so mark.. I couldn't take anymore of it.. It makes me sad to see kids bullying the elderly.. I wish I was on that bus and I would be the one to tell them straight.. I am only 20 years old, but I know how important respect is, and I can't stand it when younger kids act like that towards the elderly.. She was just sitting there minding her own business and they were picking on her.. What a shame on kids' behavior now a days. I'm glad the community raised money for her to go on a vacation. She desperately needs it.


    To hell with those punk ass little brats that dont understand the concept of respect! Put their dumb ass' in Juvenile Detention for 1-2 years!!!!


    Horrible behavior,but if these kids get arrested than all kids who bully kids should be arrested.be fair .


    I have no more toleration for this kind of crap. It is time for open season.

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