Casey Anthony to Be Subpoenaed, Flushed Out of Hiding in Defamation Case

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After 10 months in hiding, Casey Anthony may soon resurface after being subpoenaed in a lawsuit by Zenaida Gonzalez, a.k.a. Zanny the Nanny.

Investigators have been waiting outside her residence in Florida for days to serve her with a subpoena in a defamation lawsuit filed by Gonzalez.

"Our investigation team has had her whereabouts pinned down," says Gonzalez's lawyer, Matt Morgan. "Their backs were against the wall."

"Her attorneys said that they would accept service on her behalf."

Casey Anthony, Hair

Gonzalez filed suit over Anthony's comments in 2008 that a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzalez had kidnapped Anthony's 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

The toddler was found dead and Anthony was charged with murder. She was found not guilty after a sensational trial in July and went into seclusion.

There was no babysitter by that name, but Gonzalez - who had nothing to do with Casey - claimed defamation because the two names are the same.

The defamation case has proceeded, with Anthony living in a secret location in Florida (where she must remain due to her probation for check fraud).

A judge finally ordered that Casey Anthony's attorneys must disclose her whereabouts so that she may be served and answer questions under oath.

Anthony had planned to leave the country after her probation was finished in September, but she now will must return to Orlando to face Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, who is seeking unspecified damages, is "happy" to hear that Casey "will be held accountable just like everybody else," says her attorney.


I have noticed one thing that is most telling. Unless she is actually smiling about something, her face is almost blank, cold, like a piece of stone. Makes me wonder if that is a picture of what goes on in the mind.


Randall, ppl. Like you are why this world is so fucked up.


I think shes a monster who should have got death row after what she DID to her poor babygirl. Hope she goes down for this. Her time will come. R.I.P ~Caylee Marie~




@Randall Sooooooo..what? You're hoping Casey morphs in to a Kim Kardashian wannabe? I think considering the general feeling of the public toward her--a fashion statement easily summed up as "inconspicuous" would be wise.


If fair & fragrant Casey Anthony is flushed out of hiding and forced to appear in public, her faithful fans & followers expect a fearless, flamboyant fashion statement from charming Casey. We want her walking proud & pretty, with long hair, stylish, seductive ensemble, & lots of bling. Casey rocks, baby!