George Zimmerman Bail Revoked; Trayvon Martin Killer Ordered Back to Jail

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George Zimmerman's bail has been revoked after a judge said he misled the court about his finances. Trayvon Martin's killer must turn himself in by Sunday.

During Zimmerman's bail hearing in April, after which he was freed on $150,000 bond, his family testified they had limited funds, prosecutors said on Friday.

Zimmerman's wife "said she had no money, but in fact she did," said prosecutor Bernardo de la Rionda of the issue that led to Zimmerman's bail revocation.

"It was misleading ... I don't know what other words to use. It was a blatant lie."

George Zimmerman Mugshot

He pointed to $135,000 in funds raised from the public that was not disclosed during the hearing. Defense lawyer Mark O'Mara said it was a misunderstanding.

O'Mara said Zimmerman did not lie, but was simply unclear about how he could use the money, and that his office has been keeping close tabs on the funds.

"We have kept an exact ledger of every penny that he spent," said O'Mara.

Prosecutors also Zimmerman did not disclose that was in possession of a second passport; he had replaced a passport he lost only to find the original later.

Zimmerman was ordered to surrender himself in 48 hours. He pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the February 26 death of the unarmed teen.

Claiming self defense, Zimmerman was not charged for over a month in the Trayvon Martin case, which has sparked national media attention and debate.

Benjamin Crump, the Martin family attorney, said the slain teen's parents will welcome the news and that Zimmerman's credibility has become an issue.

"We fully expect that the special prosecutor will make George Zimmerman's credibility be front and center in this entire case," he told reporters.


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