Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab as Precaution, Did Not Relapse OR Fail Drug Test, Lawyer Says

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Brooke Mueller did not relapse, according to her lawyer, but merely checked into rehab because of a pre-scheduled "maintenance" program approved by a judge.

Yale Galanter says that when his client pleaded guilty to cocaine possession last month, she made arrangements to go back to rehab four times over the next year. 

The reason is simple: Brooke was done well in rehab in the past, and then abruptly fallen back into the seedy world of hard ass drug use upon her return to L.A.

The Former Mrs. Charlie Sheen

Galanter says Brooke decided to spend a couple of weeks in rehab every few months in order to help her stay on track and avoid any devastating temptations.

Moreover, Galanter insists Brooke Mueller is clean and takes several drug tests PER WEEK as part of her probation; she has tested negative every time, he says.

Arnie Mordkin, the Pitkin (Colo.) County D.A. who prosecuted her, seems to agree with Galanter, saying there's no evidence Brooke relapsed or violated probation.

As for reports that Brooke recently got wasted at Charlie Sheen's house, her attorney says that's just untrue, since she's drug tested often and has no failed.

So that's where we are. You don't hear about "preventative maintenance" trips to rehab very much, but it might not be the worst idea for her. You buying it?



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