Catelynn Lowell Says Mom Impersonated Her, Sold False Pregnancy Story to Tabloid

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Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell is not happy about recent tabloid reports that she's pregnant again (she's not), and points the finger at a surprising figure.

Earlier this month, In Touch matter-of-factly declared that she and fiance Tyler Baltierra were happily expecting a child. This was not the case. At all.

“I want to set the record straight. I’m not pregnant,” Catelynn said. “My mom lied.”

Wait, what?

Catelynn Lowell Pregnancy Hoax

The shocking deception started in early June, when the reality star's mom, April Baltierra, informed the magazine that Catelynn Lowell is pregnant again.

April arranged for a friend to "confirm" it in an interview and even sent documentation of the pregnancy from a doctor who supposedly treated Cate.

Then, a woman identifying herself as Catelynn did a phone interview with the celebrity gossip magazine - from a cell phone with Tyler’s voicemail on it.

A private investigator “with beyond a reasonable degree of professional certainty” that the voice of the interview subject “is the voice of the mother.”

“I love my mom, but it’s frustrating,” says the college student. "It crosses the line.”

“We feel violated,” Tyler adds. “I’m shocked that she would go to this length."

“I don’t know how she can sleep at night,” Cate's dad, David, says of his ex.

April's con allegedly involved her warning In Touch not to contact Catelynn again after the interview because stress could cause her to “lose the baby.”

In a series of angry phone calls and texts after the hoax was exposed, April claims “Catelynn was fully aware of the story. She knew all about this.”

April also says she is homeless ... whatever that's worthy.

For her part, Catelynn wants fans to know she’s “absolutely sorry” for everything that has happened and despite her mother’s hurtful and erratic behavior.

On the plus side, the engaged step-siblings say it made them stronger. “You either grow together or you grow apart,” says Tyler. “We’ve grown together.”


I am glad that April Lowell is not my mom.


I just can't be the first one to think this or to say this, but what if these kids didn't give up the girl out of love?What if they gave her up simply because they didn't want to take responsibility for their irresponsible behavior. Teens who have children so young don't strike me as the type who think things through, much less think about others. I don't get why these kids are on a show called teen mom when every few episodes they try to find another reason to have carly on the show. At some point it will cause problems for carly to have her biological parents so closely involved in her life. If I adopted her, I would have a problem when these kids try to give my daughter advice or try to give me advice on how to raise her.


First of all, this is hilarious. People have the right to speak their mind. Even if their grammar isn't perfect. What are you people thinking? Catelynn ain't nothing special, just another teen mom. You guys are taking this so seriously.. Chill the f*ck out. I think they did a great job giving their little girl up, they weren't capable to give her a good life.
And well.. yeah. April is a drugaddict who will do anything for money. Surprising much? I mean, Cate really could have been pregnant again. They always talk about 'the heat of the moment' when they forget a condom.. That makes me wanna throw up. No one is interested in your sexlife. Tyler could do so much better than that tacky girl.


I am amazed that no one posting can spell or put together a decent sentence. As for C & T, the best thing they did was give the child up for adoption to have a good and happy two-parent life. Unfortunately, they have no morals, the entire family is dysfunctional and nowhere do I see a hint of religion or spirituality. And I bet your wedding dress is white!


tinah22 You poor little fool I never said that giving up there kid was a bad thing if ur going to be a shit head and bitch a bout my comments then attest read them and know what the fuck ur talking a bout or else you will look like a stupid idiot like u do right now lol next time read my comment all the way threw jerk if u plan n waisting my time and other with ur half ass replies. PS they are dumb hillbillies they can’t even have a conversion without repeating what others are saying because its not my fault they are retraded and i feel sorry for Carly she will grow up being a retartd thinks to those two ignorant hillbillies who had no business breading in the first place.


tinah22 your a stupid cunt i spell just fine ur a stupid teen who cant even think of a good insult if u hate my comment so bad then ignore it or report it i have a right to speak my mind and its ur problem ot mine and also it is stupid trash like u who encourage trash like catelynn and tyler to be on tv and teach our kids all the wrong thing in life why dont u go join that stupid inbreed family if u love them so much u probably fit in wiht them just fine


Cate and Tyler, Be positive yourselves. My mom was very dramatic queen. She think i cant have baby cuz im deaf. (scoff) I not talk to my mom for 2-3 years. She will be sorry someday. Im proud of you guys. You did graduated high school. me too. Im married but no children im 22. but i love to have babies with my husband. Cate~ You are very very sweetie person. i know you will be good mother than your mother do. Tyler is go there for you. you are right you chose right thing about adopt a child. you wanted your daughter have good life than you do. im proud of you.


Watching tonights show was especially hard when Tyler started yelling at the dog in the car, shoving his face in the poop in the house & then tossing him outside & yelling & cursing at him over & over. He finally admits he has an anger problem & really needs to get it under control ASAP!! An innocent dog doesn't need to be screamed at & tossed around. What's next..kicking, punching it? Also acting like that in font of Nick was not cool either. Something's really affecting him & if he doesnt address it right away it will grow into something far worse. Bad things happen when anger gets out of contol. Get some help now Tyler before you do something you can't undo!!


Catelynn and Tyler- You guys handled the situation so perfectly. As a teenage mother myself, sometimes I see the way you act on TM and want to be as wonderful as you. Unlike you guys, I have a wonderful support system though. I have no doubt that someday, when you're completely financially prepared and have done everything you want to do, you will bring another beautiful little baby into the world. I wish you success in all you do.
April- What a horrible excuse for a mother you are! I actually thought that maybe you had grown up for a change after Butch got put in jail. How dare you.


The averln: you are one to call them dumb and illiterate! Learn how to spell and how to speak. Your comment looks like their toddler wrote it! If you wat h the show, its obvious that they make good decisions from difficult situations! More than most people older than them do.

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