Catelynn Lowell: NOT Pregnant Again!

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On last night's Teen Mom season premiere, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra went to the birthday party of the daughter they gave up for adoption.

Today, reports say Catelynn and Tyler have are expecting, again.

“She said, ‘You’re never going to believe it: I’m pregnant,’” Cate's longtime friend, Jamie Pyrzewski, allegedly told celeb gossip magazine In Touch.

Jamie says Catelynn is excited to keep the baby this time: “We were both quiet. I asked how she felt about it. She said she was nervous and scared.”

Catelynn Lowell Pregnant!

After a short period, panic and “total denial” quickly gave way to excitement: “She is now feeling complete joy,” a family insider says of the MTV star.

Adds another source close to Catelynn Lowell, “This time around, she and Tyler knew immediately they wanted to keep the baby. She’s just so happy.”

Catelynn shot to fame on 16 and Pregnant as a conflicted young mom who made the heartbreaking choice to put her daughter Carly up for adoption.

Since then, she and stepbrother-fiance Tyler have become fan favorites for their steady relationship and solid (limited) relationship with Carly.

UPDATE, 2:30 p.m.: Apparently this was BS and she's not expecting after all.

"Don't believe everything you read, I'm definitely not pregnant!" Cate told Us in a statement, adding that despite the report, "I'm on the pill!"

"I'm only 20 ... I don't want to have kids until I'm out of school and we're married."

Probably smart thinking ... we still wish the couple nothing but the very best!


They made the right choice. They did what they thought was best, and I think we should all congradulat them for that. It was a very hard thing for her to do. I love you guys!!


"de anna" is right(: but none the less none of us are right or have any place to bash or praise them. They did what THEY felt/knew was right!


wow aspen, that is just wrong. u think she isnt a mom because she gave her baby up? she went through the labor and i am proud they gave that baby up instead of trying to make it under all their family drama. your just jealous u weren't on the show. she was doing teen mom because she was "16 and PREGNANT" and she probably helped thousands of girls make that really hard decision which is right for them NOT you!


they should even be on the show its called teen mom for a reason someone who puts their child up for adoption is NOT a parent. we ant afford a baby and we wanna finish school we ll guess you fuckers get a boat load of money to be on that show and you cant afford it i work a hit ob and i can afford it lol and i finished school. they dont deserve another baby after that bs. thank god she not pregnant again we would jut be payin them more money for being irresponsible wtf?


I totally agree with you amber hats off 2 you....


Alex you need to shut up because it just jeoulous ur not up there they are up there for a reason and ur not for a reason and if u didn't care for them why were you on this website in the first place thank you


okay what is wrong with this picture. Shouldnt Matthew and Camila wedding be the cover I mean they are truly the real STARS. Instead the cover is taken over by 16 and pregnant kids. WTF is wrong.


I think that they made a very good decision putting their child Carly up for adoption. They decided they weren't ready to be parents, unlike a lot of parents you see on teen mom and 16 and pregnant, and look how a lot of them are ending up?? In jail, rehab, divorced, didn't graduate High School, and/or depressed. So to all the people hating on them, get a life. They made the best possible decision for themselves and their daughter!


They are NOT PREGNANT people!!!!


love these guys! Wish them nothing but the best, they made the decisions that they seen fit at that time!

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