Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab After Relapse

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A week after Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife said she was happy to put "this chapter of her life behind her," Brooke Mueller is back in rehab once again.

TMZ reported and her camp confirmed to E! News that the mother of two has relapsed and is seeking treatment. She actually started a few weeks ago.

Brooke Mueller, who was officially sentenced to probation last week for felony drug possession, is currently at an undisclosed, in-treatment facility.

Interestingly, Sheen of all people played a role in her getting help.

A Brooke Mueller Pic

Brooke recently came to his L.A. home and seemed out of it, so much so that Charlie felt she needed to be checked out by an addiction specialist.

She left before Charlie could convince her to be examined by a professional, but Brooke later decided to seek substance abuse treatment on her own.

Brooke previously entered rehab earlier this year following her December cocaine arrest in Aspen, Colo., for which she was sentenced to probation.

As part of her plea deal, she's required to submit to random urine tests; a failed test could land her in jail. It's unclear if she's actually failed one, however.

UPDATE, 6/2: Brooke's lawyer says her trip to rehab was pre-scheduled and a precautionary measure; her probation will not be violate as a result.

Yale Galanter vehemently denies his client failed a drug test.



It seems to me that whenever ANY CHICK gets mixed up with Charlie Sheen, AT LEAST 1 out of 3 things happens:
1. They get beaten up (or worse).
2. They end up getting a restraining order.
3. They end up in rehab.
In Brooke's case, ALL 3 of those things happened to her. I'm just saying..........


....yeah ok...damn dude once you fuck n have kids its no longer about you...I wanna know why CPS hasn't been involved!?!




Brooke is still hot! I hope she can get her life together. she still has so much to offer some one nice

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