Amber Portwood Jailhouse Interview: Teen Mom Star Discusses 5-Year Sentence

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Amber Portwood, fresh off being sentenced to five years in prison, opened up about it with Good Morning America LIVE from the big house this morning.

The Teen Mom star Amber Portwood had become so depressed in rehab that she tried to overdose on pills, which prompted her to bail altogether.

She insisted that she enter prison instead, and having violated the rules of her probation repeatedly, a judge felt he had no choice but to oblige.

A shackled Amber spoke with Good Morning America today, claiming, "I had taken 30 Suboxone [a drug used to treat opioid addictions] within three days."

"The depression took over. I would take 4-5 at a time."

"It got to a point where I felt like I'd rather do my time and get it over with, and make the best of a situation that's been handed to me. I'm not just going to sit. I'm going to do substance abuse classes. I'm going to get my GED."

That's ... admirable in a weird way?

It still makes no sense, since Amber Portwood had an opportunity to receive out-patient treatment without prison, even after she was jailed for contempt of court for flaking on mandatory drug tests, but opted for prison anyway.

Wonder if she'll rethink "getting it over with" in 2016 ... when she's STILL IN THERE.

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It's just so sad. Imglad that she will be away from that beautiful baby so as not to hurt her. But oh just so sad. I hope she gets the help she needs to be a better mom later. But she's GOT to STOP blaming everything and everyone for how she acts and what she does. Once she learns personal responsibility and stops making excuses she can heal and feel better about herself and tech Leah to become a good woman. As far as no one having the right to pass judgement? This is a comment forum and you should not participate if you don't like it. Seriously, you are passing judgement on people for passing judgement. Seriously?


Amber I gone to be fine, Gary needs help just like Amber
Gary needs to stop being mean to Amber.
Gary is the reason why Amber is in jail . He
used Amber and his daughter and his mom
Let him do that she knew what was going on .
And she never said one word . I pray that Amber get better
And get her daughter back and Amber a wonderful
Mom .


The entire situation is sad. Nobody but amber, Gary and the close friends and family know the truth. The editors edit the show to make it get ratings. We don't see everything, therefore don't know everything. Whatever the truth may be, we all just need to hope for the best, for the sake of little Leah. Nobody in this world is perfect and nobody has the right to judge her. Instead of judging, everyone should hope and pray for the best outcome for Leah, because she is all that matters.


No one notices how Gary is classic abuser too- Do as I say or I'll hurt you-only he doesn't hit-he uses his daughter to hurt her mother. I get sick and tired of hearing what a great guy he is.


Its so easy for all of you to pass judgement on amber because her life is aired on t.v. If it was your life how would people react to your actions? Its not your place to judge her only god can judge! Your comments make you sound so ignorant you never sat and had a conversation with amber or walked beside her through a day in her life let alone lived it for her! Keep your childish judgements to yourself! I'm positive that you have skeletons in your closet that could also be so easily judged!!!!!


I just don't get it! You never see this girl work, she beat the crap out of Gary on national television, she doesn't respect herself or anyone else, and any mom in their right mind would never bring a guy from work release around their beautiful child. I noticed she beat Gary after her kickboxing class, started taking drugs after a drug class, maybe in prison she'll take a class on being a stand up young lady with responsibilities and really start caring for her child. She screams at Gary for not bringing her daughter "to her", but when she's supposed to see her the next day, she can't because she's looking for a new house... well Amber, you got what you wanted... "The Big House".. prison. Instead of rehab. Good luck.. your child will be grown when you get your shit together. I just pray your child doesn't turn out like you.


I think what somebody desperately needs to realise is that Amber has a mental health problem. Perhaps and hopefully she will get a diagnosis in prison.


What everyone needs to realize is that this once was a young TEEN MOM and being a teen mom is very stressful ecspecially when the relationship between yourself and the father are not there. The situations that Amber has faced are not only that of becoming a teen mom but also from her own childhood. The way that she has dealt with these issues are not the way many would have chosen to deal with it but everyone handles situations differently. Once she started depending on the drugs to get her through the depression nothing else mattered, and so for her this is probably the perfect outcome. She needs the time in jail to get well and so that she may become the best mother to Leah. However under all these circumstances i dont feel anyone should just lest ye be judged by your father in Heaven. I will be praying for you Amber and the best outcome for you and your daughter.


WOW people. Really?! Some of you sad souls sound even more ignorant than Gary ever could. It blows my mind to see just how judgemental and cruel a person truly can be. Have an open mind people! None of you know Amber or her situation. All you see are the bits and pieces of her life that you see on tv. So please tell me how in the hell that makes you so damn high and mighty to judge someone else's life and mistakes. You all should be ashamed of yourself. Just sayin..


How can amber do this to her daughter? The way Leah said "MOMMY!" when she saw her at rehab that day. It was so obvious Leah loves her mom. :( it just breaks my heart! And pisses me off how selfish amber is..