Adam Carolla: Women Aren't Funny!

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Adam Carolla, a comedian best known for The Man Show and whose career has sunk to a point where he appeared this year on Celebrity Apprentice, is in serious hot water for comments made to The New York Post.

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    He should really stop doing print interviews because they will always distort and misquote him.


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    You guys are douchebags. Really. He didn't say that. He was asked which was funnier. He said men. Your article title shows me you are NOT to be read. seriously.


    Women in general aren't funny. Out of all the female comedians I have experienced only three have made me laugh -- Lisa Lampanelli, Joan Rivers, and Wanda Sykes. The rest are terrible. Tina Fey, Monique, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, Ellen Degeneres, Kathy Griffin, Kristen Wigg, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Whitney Cummings, Sherri Shepherd, etc are all awful. I give female comedians a chance when I see their stand-up, but they disappoint 98% of the time.

    I don't know why some women are so insecure that they can't admit this. There are plenty of things women are better at than men and I don't get offended at all when someone point them out. Comedy just isn't one of them.


    i have to agree with adam - women arent funny. Unless they are being raped. Too soon???


    For the love of god. He didn't say that women aren't funny. He said that men are funnier than women! If you cannot see the difference between those two things you're an idiot. Please engage with and be critical of what he actually said.


    (continued from last comment)

    I suppose women in general don't give much of a shit about the art of comedy, or being familiar with hundreds of comedians, underground and mainstream. No, women are predominately drawn to whatever is spoonfed to them in the mainstream media, as this website proves ;)

    Can call me sexist, but I'm just observing what I've witnessed my entire life, growing up in the 90s and seeing every female in my class turn into an idiot over the Backstreet Boys & Spice Girls made me wonder what the hell is wrong with your gender & its cultural tastes, the same way guys will throw their entire lives under a bus for some sex


    "No wonder he no longer has a career."
    Heather, you're a clueless tool. Just becasue your omnipitent eyes don't see Adam doesn't mean his career went *poof* He's had a hugely popular podcast since 2009 (50 million download range) 2 NYT best selling books and runs ACE Broadcasting. Because he hasn't personally entertained YOU doesn't mean he isn't busy and rolling in more money than you'll ever see.

    "He was probably fired by a woman somewhere and now hes bitter."
    He's had female producers for most of his broadcast career and was never fired by any of them.

    "I hope at your next attempt at employment you find a woman across the desk from you!"
    Her name is Alison Rosen. Look her up idiot.

    "Now THAT will be funny!"
    Unlike you and your ignorant post.

    Read more celebrity gossip at:

    @ allforadeuce

    Thx! U saved me 15 min of typing....... I agree wholeheartedly.......


    This must be the slowest news day ever. On no! A comedian said politically incorrect things LOL! Well congratulations, if that interview offended you it means you have no real problems.

    Bad news for you though if you thought this would end his "non-existent" career. These are the days of the internet and people like me who like comedians like him, Joe Rogan, etc. have bypassed the horrible gate-keepers who've made TV and radio a complete wasteland of PC nonsense. He has an audience, it doesn't care if Perez Hilton likes him, he'll be fine.


    *funny comediennes

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