Charles Tillman, Chicago Bears Cornerback, Rips Teacher Over Disrespectful Math Question

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Chicago Bears cornerback Charles "Peanut" Tillman did not take kindly to learning that a Windy City-area girl's teacher was disrespecting his team in a math problem.

Tillman was recently supporting his Cornerstone Foundation at a sporting goods store. He received an autograph request from the daughter of the store's owner.

The teenager was doing her math homework at the time, and showed him one of the problems given to her by her teacher, John Amrein of Round Lake Middle School.

The problem did not sit well with Tillman.


"The Packers play the Bears 4 times in two seasons. The Packers, being a much better team, have an 80% chance of winning each game," the question read.

Ouch. Given that assumption, "What is the probability that the Bears win all four games? What is the probability that the Bears win at least one game?"

Tillman did give the autograph to the girl, but he also wrote a note to the teacher in question, calling him out for bashing his NFL team. He wrote:

Mr. Armein,

This is Charles "Peanut" Tillman of the Chicago Bears and I'm shocked that you would have a problem like this for your students.

The probability that the Bears would win in my opinion is 100%. Please do not and I repeat DO NOT send them home with math homework that is disrespectful to our team, city and our beloved Chicago Bears.

Your All Pro Corner
Charles "Peanut" Tillman
Geaux Bears

P.S. Bear Down

NOTE: The Packers have won seven of their last 10 vs. the Bears, including the last four in a row, so Mr. Amrein isn't too off base from an empirical standpoint.

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