Twilight Director to Robert Pattinson: Don't Date Kristen Stewart!

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If Catherine Hardwicke had her way, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might never have gotten together. For real!

While it's nearly impossible now to imagine R. Patt without his K. Stew - just watch this adorable video of Robsten cuddling and kissing! - the Twilight director tells Elle Magazine that she noticed chemistry right away between the potential co-stars... and feared its consequences.

A Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Pic

"Rob and Kristen sat down at the table and did the biology scene," Hardwicke said of Pattinson's audition. "I felt the sparks. I could see the attraction. Kristen was very vocal - she knew she had the strongest connection with Rob. I said, 'Let me have a day to see if it translates to the screen.'"

We all know it did, of course. But Robert was 21 at the time and Kristen only 17, which led Hardwicke to warn her handsome leading man: 'She's underage, don't even think about it! It's a law in our country.'"

Fortunately, Pattinson and Stewart evaded the police until the latter turned 18 and have been happily dating ever since.


Cathrine never says anything nice about there relinship and its sooooo annoying! First she told a magizine how upset she was that kstew left her ex bf micheal for rob now we hear about this gosh im starting too think she does it for attion since she hasnt been noticed since she direacted the first twilight and just wants attion and money i freaken love rob and kristen i have never seen a better couple ever there perfectionfor real!¡!!!!!¡!


Photoshop???? that is their picture from the London premier of BD can check it out on any other site sorry.....Kristen looked great in that dress


its not photo-shopped. They just cut out the person on Kristen's left arm (very right of picture) I see the whiteness on her arm connecting to rob, but that's just a flash. Can even see shadow in it. Plus there's other photos just like these where it shows the man to her left. Google the breaking dawn even and you will see unedited version where he is not cut out. Why Photoshop a pic of the two of them together anyway, do you know how many pictures are out there of them two with his arm around her?!


Nope, not just you. Thats pretty lame photoshopping.


Is it just me, or is that a terribly photoshopped picture?

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