Nick Stahl Emails Friends, Enters Rehab

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Nick Stahl, who was reported missing last week, has surfaced.

Better yet, the actor is apparently unharmed, and seeking help.

Friday, he told friends via e-mail he planned to get help and seek treatment for his substance abuse problem, and now, Stahl's wife Rose confirmed that he has.

The Terminator 3 star checked into rehab Saturday night.

Nick Stahl Photo

According to a source, Stahl apologized for "worrying everyone," said he wanted to get help and that he was planning to seek treatment in a rehab center.

He had not been seen since May 14.

The 32-year-old, who went missing more than a week ago, was "really working hard" at sobriety at the time of his disappearance, according to his wife.

"He wants to be well," Rose, who has been estranged from Nick for an unknown period, stated. "He's a good man and we want him home so we can help."

Hopefully, this means the beginning of his road to recovery.



I am glad he is safe. That is such a scary thing when a loved one goes missing like that and you know they have a drug problem. Same thing happened with my brother, and we didn't know if he was dead from and OD, or dead from being murdered for drug debt, or laying in a ditch somewhere. Thankfully he got into rehab and is about 9 months drug free. I hope this guy has a happy ending too.