Nick Stahl, Terminator 3 Actor, Goes Missing

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Nick Stahl, an actor best known for his role on Terminator 3, has been reported missing by his wife.

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Law enforcement officials have confirmed to TMZ that the actor's wife filed the proper paperwork on Monday, stating she last saw the man behind John Connor on May 9.

There is reason to fear the worst, too, as Stahl's wife also told a court in February that Stahl was using drugs and often frequented the downtrodden Skid Row section of Los Angeles.

No word yet from Stahl's reps, but we'll update this story as news breaks.


He's prolly getting it in the ole "dirt shute". Remember the movie "Bully",in it Stahl's character liked to watch gay porn and he really seemed to like it..jus sayin.


I hope he is just sleeping off a bender, wife left him, took the kid, and he is known to do drugs, he is only human, you can only take so much before you just go all out and try to forget your crap...who could blame the guy, the wife just wants to protect her investment. Gucci bags are pricey you know?


happens all of the time, get a little fame, little money and starts drugging. Hope that he doesnt have any kids, feel bad for his wife. Pretty sad. Lets hope that he is found alive, and responsive to treatment, otherwise he will be better of staying where he is,only going to end up there anyway.


God bless Nick. I hope he turns up soon with a willingness to be treated.

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