Justin Bieber to Face Criminal Charges For Alleged Photographer Battery?

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Gonna focus on the important stuff. the music.

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    all it is is a picture you shouldnt have to go to jail your awesome i love you and selena i love ur show Wizards of Waverly Place its my favorite show.


    plzzz no I'm 11 and i love your music and you.you cant go to jail i will cry your a celeb just focus on ur music please!


    Go justin!!!!!!!! Pap it is called the law u need to follow the it! I mean u need to get pics of justin's buttiful face. But u can at least ask the guy as for justin u can't go to jail I am only 10 and I will cry so hard u will feel it wait for me ur girl haley go selena u get ur man ur my idol


    5'6 and 100 lbs bieber?! that photographer is a loser!


    He could have handled it like an adult insted of punching the guy! The dude did it once already! He should grow a pair and get used to paparazzi, if not give up on his soon-to-be-gone career. I won't mind if he chooses the second choice.


    one i root for justin because the pap dosen't need to be stalking celebuzz they need privacy to not just them i bet if justin did the same thing the pap did it would happen the same but i think justin dosen't need to go to prison or jail i love you justin bieber and selena gomez is my idol i don't write death threats i am acutually happy for you to have a good life justin your #1 girl and onelesslonleygirl


    I would of done the same thang justin did the Paps need to get a life how would they like if Justin was following them around everywhere they go I bet they would be pissed to so I would If did the same thang just sayin


    I would of done the same thang justin did the Paps need to get a life how would they like if Justin was following them around everywhere they go I bet they would be pissed to so I would


    Ok hes not very big big but im rooting for him! I hope he kicked his ass! Those idiot photographers need to back off. Celebs cant go anywhere at anytime without it becoming a 3 ring circus. They get in their childrens faces, they follow them and are just intrusive. Everybody deserves peace and quiet and not to be annoyed at every second. How would you like it if you couldnt even get a burger or some TP in peace?


    I honestly say Bravo on Justin if this really did happen.

    People seem to forget these paparazzi (and even the paparazzi themselves) that they are harrassing these people, taking pictures without permission, stalking.. Things that are against the law for normal citizens but they get away with it? Where is the justice in that?

    The way some of them drive while chasing after a celebrity is insane. There is a thing called privacy and permission, paparazzi need to learn it. Just because they get pictures and crap, doesn't make it all right for them to break the law.

    And you would be surprised what kind of pain a person can do, even justin's size, when they are in a rage.

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