Justin Bieber Accused of Battery Against Paparazzi Member

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Justin Bieber has been accused of battery against a celebrity gossip photographer. But questions have already risen over the legitimacy of this allegation.

Justin Bieber in California

Here is what the paparazzi member claims in a police report: he tried to take Justin's picture around noon yesterday outside a mall in Calabasas called The Commons.

Bieber, who was accompanied by Selena Gomez, reacted in anger, some kind of physical confrontation took place and the photographer was taken to the hospital after complaining of upper torso pain.

Here is what actually went down according to witnesses who spoke to TMZ: The photographer was blocking Bieber's car; the singer asked him to move; and a scuffle did ensue when the "journalist" refused to do so.

But an attorney then approached the photographer and explained how he could get a lot of money if he called and ambulance and pressed charges.

No word yet from anyone in Justin's camp, while authorities are hoping to speak to Bieber and Gomez some time this week.

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Why,wat do dey really wnt?Well let me warn u,be aware of ur money 'cos it brings u cases in anyway dnt lose it.Trust me.


Justin bieber is so hot😃😃😃


It is just[in] publicity for the new single.


Justin is polite and friendly. I don't believe a second he "scuffled" the Pap. Justin has money, the Pap wanted some. Follow the money, people, follow the money. Besides, do you really think Justin would have put himself in a situation like this ?I'm sure he wouldn't risk his fame and money for a sorry loser PapJack.


No se pa posible, justin was at school to learn geography according to Senhor David Letermanski.


hate the little twit always has a smirk on his freaking face


losssers fllow me


follow me on twitterrrrrrrr because i am justins brothr it ight seemmmmmm fake i have eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee been hidding from theses people but im sorry for hidding


The Pap should be charged with filing a false police report. If it's the guy I saw on the news, a fat, mexican looking loser, outweighs Justin by about 50 lbs.


Nice language everyone.