Amber Portwood: I NEED Prison to Kick Drugs!

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Amber Portwood, who was jailed last week for contempt of court after giving up on rehab, believes prison is the only way to save her life.

That's because her drug addition has gotten so brutal, nothing will keep her from the substances she craves short of locking her in a cell.

Sources say that last week, following her most recent arrest, her (failed) drug test was positive for the opiate-based drug Suboxone.

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This is a highly addictive drug similar to Morphine. Portwood admits that she can't control herself around the drug. Not even close, in fact.

She even bought it off the street during a court-ordered drug program, she says, and threw in the towel on rehab because there's no point.

Amber Portwood feels going to prison is the only way to get clean because it will force her to kick the addiction cold turkey and forever.

However illogical this may be, it looks like she'll get her wish. A judge will decide how long she spends there in couple of weeks.



I use suboxone for pain for MS so it is a Painkiller it's a partial opiate the reason for giving it instead of a regular pain med is u don't builted a tolerance for it as quick


@sandeep..I didn't get much of your comment, but are you saying amber just had another kid? Because she def didn' she didn't just have a baby. @amanda, it was opiates in is also used as a painkiller.a lot of people use it to get high because the feeling last a long time. I was put on them, and every drug test failed opiates. When I asked about that and found out it had opiates in it I was confused as to why it was used to get you off opiates. It is suppose to block any other opiate you do, but I don't know anyone who ever got sick doing both at same time.


Actually Suboxone IS a pain killer and is prescribed for pain as well as addiction. It is a combination drug of buprenorphine (an opioid drug) and naloxone (an opioid blocker). It is a semi-synthetic opioid analgesic listed as a schedule III controlled substance. Suboxone is addictive and is equally as severe as the addiction to the original substance the user is being treated for.


This is her choice she just had a baby and I know being prnaegnt at 16 and having my baby at 17 I know how hard it is to be a young mum and I know that if i had of fell prnaegnt that I would have went the same way im not financially stable enough to look after two kids and i know that its hard enough with one let alone one straight after the other. Im against abortions but its a choice some need to make im just glad I didnt have to make that decison she is very brave and a great mum she just needs to stay strong.!


Wasn't she in jail not to long ago for an extended length of time? Seems like she would of detoxed then. I think she is copping out on her child and to damn lazy to fight through rehab and the orders of the court for her probation. I think the judge ordered her to get a job too. Maybe it is easier to score drugs in prison? Sounds like drama to me.


Suboxone can be used to get high. If you snort or don't take it under the tongue it can have a different affect on you.


Suboxone is not a painkiller, it is used for treating addiction...this is something she would have in her system if she was clean, it makes you sick to use opiates when taking suboxone.


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