Amber Portwood: Jailed For Contempt of Court After Giving Up on Rehab!

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That was fast. Only a week after being released from jail, troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is already back there on contempt of court charges.

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    yeah, you lost 65 lbs but once you gain them back your going to want gary back.. always rembemer, once a lard-ass always a lard-ass. i hope poor gary really makes it to the biggest loser. he'll drop the wieght and drop you.


    People, stop judging. I too, am not sure that I would have made that chocie if I was in her situation. But that's the thing. I'm not in her situation, so who am I to pass judgement? Who are any of us? Everybody is different. And we don't know how the life of that baby would have turned out. It could have compromised the quality of life of Markai, her boyfriend, and the child they already have. But it could not have. Who knows? No-one. So we should all just stop judging the poor girl because she didn't take this decision lightly.


    I've never heard of her.


    How is it MTV fault for what happens to amber?? The other girls didn't take the same road, she is responsible for her actons. At least Leah has Gary.


    So the system failed her eh? What a joke, and the hell is she? Never heard of her so she must be wonderful. Where do they come from?


    the system didn't fail her, she failed herself and her daughter. she didn't even try. the only one to blame is her. her family should just support her, not enable reasons of why she does not deserve this. she does deserve everything she gets good or bad.


    White the fullest


    I hope the child is with good people who will take care of her, as for her mother if she won't stop, keep her away from the kid no child deserves that kind of mother.


    So sick of this chick, she deserves everthing she gets and I don't blame MTV, because she has a mind of her own and she choose to put herself in F**ked up perdicaments. All MTV tryed to do was put some money in that losers pockets and she F**ked it up. she should never get her baby back... Worlds biggest DUMBASS award gose to Amber Portwood.


    thats bitch deserves eveything she gets. she aint nuttin but a bad mom and aint worth shit... this shows u rite here that she does nt gives 2 shits bout her daughter... and maybe she will becomes somebody bitch when she goes 2 jail bc her stupied self cant and dnt want 2 stay clean 4 her daughter.

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