Tony Lucca Channels Britney Spears on The Voice

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Cheesa's Whitney Houston cover brought the house down, but Tony Lucca's unorthodox song choice also served notice that he's a contender on The Voice:

"Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears.

Lucca, who was famously slammed by Christina Aguilera a few weeks back, came up with a terrific rebuttal against his fellow former Mousketeer.

This rocking version of Brit's breakout hit:

"That was really smart," Blake Shelton said of the bold song pick, which got him through until at least tonight. His coach, Adam Levine, added, "You did something different and refreshing and I'm so proud of you for having the courage to do it."

Will America vote Tony through to the semifinals tonight?

If not, do you think Adam (who cut Pip loose on last night's instant elimination episode) will take his protege to the next round? Tell us below.


she doesnt slam jamar rogers which should really be the winner of the voice go back and look at all her comments to him. and xtina is reaaly sick for eliminating jesse campbell that was her winner adam and blake were the only smart people oh and im not hating on jp hes vicious but i think him and jamr rogers wouldve be a good match up


I think the song choice was great! It was a fu comeback to Christina's comments. I mean come on... We all know she is a great singer, but I think her one dimensional comment to Tony was too much. I think as a fan of the show and of Christina I appreciate her comments, but at the same time I'm sure she realizes that her comments can help and hurt a contestant. I think that's why she slammed Tony for having Justin behind him... Basically saying, you may have Justin behind you, but not me.
Well, all in all... His performance was awesome and the look on Christina's face was priceless.


Now I am THE BIGGEST Xtina fan but I do have to admit Tony Lucca singing a Britney Spears' was so smart and u could tell Xtina was really mad so theire should b no doubt that indeed theire is a fued going on with Adam and Xtina and I guess Tony also but if they can have a Mickey Mouse Club reniuon that would b dope I mean Xtina Britney and Justin! The Voice. Let's make it happen please


Xtina slams everyone but her team member. she's being a bitch on the show.

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