Cheesa Covers Whitney Houston, Performs "I Have Nothing" on The Voice

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Facing The Voice's instant elimination round, Cheesa knew she had to make an impression that lasted with coach Cee Lo Green, his fellow panelists, and America.

Her courageous performance of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" did just that.

It earned a standing ovation from Christina Aguilera, who's been surprisingly hard to please at times this season. "That is a beloved song," the coach said.

"Those are huge shoes to fill and you still managed to do you own thing. I loved it."

Do you agree with Christina? Cee Lo did, at least to the point where James Massone got the boot and Cheesa lived to sing another day. Will she survive tonight?

That's up to the viewers of The Voice. The top vote-getter among Cee Lo's remaining three team members will advance, with the coach picking the other semifinalist.


She knocks whitney herself out


melanie amaro? charice version is still the best! just check her version of this song in oprah,sits in youtube!


Bonnie, look up MELANIE AMARO I Have Nothing, and you will see why. Chessa can sing but Melanie's sound is gorgeous! And watch her first audition video, that one is even more astounding!


I don't know how you can't be impressed?!?! She's not my fav, but wow is all I could say listening to it!


I love what Cee Lo said about "advocating for power female vocalists, not this AutoTuned Tinkerbell thing! I'm talking about that from-the-gut, childbearing, woman thang!� But Chessa was just OK. Seems like a nice girl. The winner of Xfactor, Melanie Amaro, blew everyone away when she sang this song her first time on live TV. Her voice is more feminine and sounds remarkably like Whitney's! Of course NO ONE will ever be as good as Whitney, but Melanie voice reminds me so much of hers. Plus, Melanie sang it in the original key. Melanie is that power female vocalist that Cee Lo is talking about!


I wasn't that impressed. She lowered the key of the original song, and for me, the sound of her voice is not as appealing.