The Voice Recap: Instant Elimination Shockers, Part 2!

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At least after last week's instant elimination twist was sprung on Xtina and Blake, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green knew it was coming last night on The Voice.

But that didn't make it any easier.

Their teams performed Monday night on The Voice, going all out with a wide variety of performances that crossed many genres and tugged at heartstrings.

The Voice Coaches

Team Cee Lo's Jamar Rogers started the night off with a bang, performing "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi. "You are such a strong, such a sweet spirit," coach Cee Lo told Jamar, who is HIV positive. "We can't help but all be inspired by [you]."

Katrina Parker sang "Jar of Hearts" and thrilled the judges by coming out of her shell. "It's like seeing you and hearing you for the first time," Cee Lo said. "You have one of the best voices now," Adam said. "You've evolved so much."

Matthai performed "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado, though some didn't think she truly connected. Ditto James Massone on "Just the Way You Are."

Mousketeer Tony Lucca pulled off a rocking version of "... Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears. "That was really smart," Blake Shelton said.

Team Cee Lo's Cheesa tackled Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" and earned a standing ovation from Christina. "That is a beloved song," the coach said.

Pip was without his bow tie (and perhaps mojo) on "Somewhere Only We Know," while Juliet Simms brought the house down with Aerosmith's "Cryin'."

Then it was time, sadly, for the moments of truth...

Clearly not without reservations, or sympathy for the departed, Adam and Cee Lo revealed their decisions to send home Pip and James, respectively.

Tonight, the voting results will be revealed and America will send one more singer on to the semis, with Adam and Cee Lo saving one each as well.

What do you think? Did they make the right call(s) last night?


Going to miss James, but only one person can win and as far as I'm concerned, Juliet's voice and soul makes her the obvious winner. Especially when you discount the sympathy and pity votes that are keeping less talented artists in this competition!


Cheesa is my girl! She's amazing and if you don't see her talent, something is wrong with your taste. Respectfully, all these artists have a beautiful talent so don't be dissing least they chase their dreams!


james massone was a great entertainer ,singer and the sad thaat ceeloo saved jamar and chesa..who will be voted out soon and i realy hope people will!


the only comment i would like to share is christina is not a "little" girl anymore and my advise is to cover those child bearing hips


So glad to see Pip go home! I have absolutley no idea why i hate him so much but i do!!!!!

@ holly

I just have to give them all credit for having the guts to go out there and give it all they have. As for Christina showing her hips, well if you got it flaunt it but if you don't leave it


Ugh I stopped watching this show when they eliminated my favorite!


Soooo glad to see James go! He is too boy band and strange with a head band. Matthai should hav gone home. She did not do well at all. I was so happy to see Pip lose the bow tie, and then they booted him. Boooo!


Thought Matthai should have gone home but don't really care about that team. Was so sad to see James Massone go from Cee Los team. I LOVED him!


I live Tony lucca and I hope he wins. He was amazing last night. What a smart thing to do adam

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