Christina Aguilera Crushes Tony Lucca on The Voice

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"Mickey Mouse Club" connections only get you so far apparently.

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    After watching last nights show on 10/30 I became aware that this is Not About The Voice but about what money can be made for the Judges. During this round it was apparent that they did not pick the Best Voice but what they could get out of it. They must have some kind of clause in their contracts that they get a piece of the contract of the people who participate if they are signed to a contract. It's not about talent but about Money!!!!


    Stina is a dumb @$$!!! Don't come back next season... we can do with out you! What a stupid @$$!!! Sing her song she'll pick you, other word you don't have to know how to sing...dumb @$$!!!!!!!!! 10/30/12


    We love watching the show, but get so sick and tired of Christina dressing like a ho, the whole world has seen way more of her body than anyone needs to or wants to, Come one Christina, get a little class and cover up the girls. It makes us want to STOP watching the show.


    I used to like Xtina but wow what a bitch! Adam put her DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wow, everyone is reading way too much into this. Bottom line....Christina is a true vocalist and has tremendous pride in "the profession." With that said, it all comes down to one simple truth. She has absolutely no respect for people in her profession that have no real "vocal ability", i.e., JB. And she has even less tolerance for people who are on a show that she helps to endorse as "The Voice" being in the final four for reasons other than true "vocal" talent. So stop making it sound so personal. Can you really blame her? It's her profession and she's earned the right to be stuck up about who joins! Reality Check- Tony Lucca did NOT have the vocals to merit him a spot in the final 4 and should have been humbled to be there next to 3 extraordinarily talented singers.He should be humbled to have been there.


    i think she wants to forget ,the mickey mouse days. HEY that is what gave her a break. tony was just a reminder or he did it his way, without the mickey mouse club. GO TONEY; look out mr.mans wife kristina looks hot for your hubby;


    I feel sorry for Chris Mann. Christina is so rediculous he will loose votes because she is such a jealous bit**. I can't believe she got even worse this week. Her negative and moronic comments sealed my vote for Tony!!! I want him to show her how insignificant she really is. Oh and btw Christina, get a stylist!


    While I see a flaw in this format of a contest in which the coaches are invested in their own team. you often question their motivation behind their remarks. After tonight's show, I can't help but see the animosity from Christina toward Tony Lucca. First she critisized the political correctness of his song dividing the women's vote, then with with what was a blatant double entendre "Now there's a Real Man!"questioning his manhood in front of his wife and child no less, then during his last song ignoring the performance while texting. No class what so ever. What a buffoon!


    I am a woman and am more affended by the way Christina dresses with her tits always hanging out on television, she is suppose to be representing women and she makes a stupid comment about the song choice of Adam for Tony :-(. Please that was beautiful she needs to open her ears and close her chest.She makes women look bad!!!!


    @gayle: She's just not that into his music. That doesn't mean she has something against him, it's just her opinion. And he's definitely not the most talented on the show. He's just one of the most popular because of his days on the Mickey Mouse Club and because he has celebrity support.

    She may almost be a 'has-been', (though last time I checked, a 'has-been' is not someone who has had a NUMBER ONE HIT within the past year, been nominated for a grammy within the past year, or who has their own popular tv show and whose album is at number 17 on iTunes) but she's still more talented than the top female pop stars of today.

    And as far as her outfit goes, she's a pop star. It's normal for pop stars and celebrities to take fashion risks and experiment with looks that are sexy, provocative, edgy, dramatic, or unusual.

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