The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Poker Face

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey made their way back from the shore this week to play a little poker and kick one little Jersey girl out of the her luxurious nest.

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    Theresa is in total denial and desperately needs psychiatric help. Her kids are very cute but should also go along with her,for someday the New Jersey Housewives will end and Theresa will need to deal with just being Theresa


    Caroline is such a phoney and her kids are too. I feel sorry for Jaqueline she has to put up with her sister-in-law Caroline who thinks her kids are angels. Plus Ashlee is so much prettier and smarter than Carolines daughter the frumpy Lauren. Lauren is a very mean spirited girl, she acts like her mother, thats for sure. Caroline is jealous of all the other housewives. Her sons are a bunch of mamas boys who cant do anything with out mothers approval. Caroline giving advice on the radio show is so ridiculous,she a miss know it all who really knows nothing. Please get rid of her once and for all!!!!


    Ashlee looks like a ugly man dressed up trying to look and be Lindsay Lohan..And what ever she did to her lips just made her more ugly....


    did anyone else notice that gia is "momma" to the baby?? i cant get over how those kids behave towards each other...i wonder? joe telling his wife off in front of the kids?it is sad and it just proves that money does not buy happiness. or common sense.


    Teresa's kids are Satan's spawn! I've never seen a wilder, more misbehaved, and ill-mannered bunch. It's obvious no one is parenting those brats.....their adult language is evidence of that. Kathy's son needs a good ass kicking too; way too "grown" for his age. And Ashley.....where does one start??? Smdh....


    I love Teresa!!!! Why is Bravo making her look like the evil one??? She is going through a rough time and trying to support her family. I understand the Catholic vow of marriage, but I think Joe is just pulling her down. It's hard to defend him. Seeing Gina react to her father about the tabloids about other women was awful. No little girl should be put in that position. Don't destroy Teresa in making Melissa more than she is. If Joe Gorga is real family, he'd find a way to help his wife and sister be friends. Do it for the parents who love both their children before something happens to one of them. Teresa is awesome!!!!


    Too bad Lauren's cosmetic business did not work out. I guess it was hard for her to deal with the real world without mommie Caroline's backup. Maybe Lauren can ask Daddy Manzo to pull some strings and arrange for her to get a job with the State or with some public utility company.


    I realize Albie dropped Ashley off at the curb, but in case some of you don't know, you can't walk someone to the area where passengers board anymore. Remember 9/11? Airports have changed a great deal and we all get dropped off this way when flying.


    Ashlie is a spoiled brat, she should know how to catch a flight shes not 6years old.


    Why didn't Albie walk Ashlee to the check in and stay as long as he could with her as he was told to do. Instead he pulls a "cold" drop off. What does he do for a living? Nothing too but its ok he is slacker? Seems none of Caroline's children work but only Ashlee gets trashed. They all have a gang up abuse mentality against her but I guess they are getting paid for that. Jac just wants her young husband and children to herself and pretend she is young again. Like Ashley is.

    My daughter was terrified of flying at that age too. It was very difficult getting her on a plane. Then in her late 20's she changed.

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