Kim Kardashian Kameos on 30 Rock Live Episode

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Dear residents of the Pacific Time Zone: we are very sorry.

Last night, 30 Rock actually aired two episodes, both live, both featuring different versions. Those on the East Coast were treated to legendary musician Paul McCartney making a cameo. Those on the West Coast? Kim Kardashian.

Some might consider that a step down.

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Dressed like a professional Kabletown worker, Kim first showed up for a scene in Jack's office, wandering in, shaking Alec Baldwin's hand and using the bathroom.

She then appeared later after one character proposed to another and Tina Fey's Liz Lemom mocked her own show's ratings by saying: "Wow, 2.5 million people just saw that."

Enter Kim and a video recorded and the line: "Now 14 million people just saw that. You're welcome."

"Anyone see 30 Rock tonight??? I had a blast!!!! Love this show!" Kim Tweeted following her surprise visit.

Sigh. Let's all relive the best 30 Rock quotes now at TV Fanatic and pretend like this cameo never existed.


How sad, 30 Rock has jumped the shark


Another bad girl drama queen just like "her drama queen tag team partner "Lindsay Lohan". Those two make a good pair.


How sad they had a tramp on with no talent.


She was great since she did not open her mouth


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It is not about haters, it is about people who object to have a woman who made a sex tape in which she was urinated on being a role model for young women outhere who might think that it is ok, no need to stay in school, just make a sex tape and you will be famous and rich. KK is an abomination and should not be on TV. It has nothing to do with haters. The USA should not glamourize such a woman!. MB


And the HATERS heads just exploded. LOL I love it.

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