American Idol Results: Elimination Night Shocker!

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American Idol treated us to seven great performances last night.

But the remaining finalists were forced to look ahead on this evening's results show, as America voted and revealed an inevitable, but sad result for one aspirant:

He or she is going home. Who's on to the top six and who's out?

American Idol Top 7

It looked briefly like fan favorite Phillip Phillips might be in danger, but it came down to a surprising bottom three: Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone.

That's right, arguably the three best singers remaining on the show were in danger of getting booted, making for the most gut-wrenching elimination this year.

The contestant getting the boot this week was an even bigger stunner, too. Who was it? You're not going to believe it, but the lowest vote-getter was ...

Jessica Sanchez.

The studio erupted in chaos at this news, but as she began to sing for her life, she was interrupted by Jennifer Lopez, who informed her that she had been ...

SAVED by the judges!!

There it is, the one and only judges' save of the season, used on a powerhouse performer who definitely didn't deserve to be in danger, let alone go home.

"We are saving Jessica, without a doubt!" Randy said as the judges engulfed her. "This girl is one of the best singers in America! Ever! Are you kidding me!"

"Everybody, please vote for the best! Come on!"

It remains to be seen if America will heed his words a week from now, but for now, all seven singers survive heading into next Wednesday's Top 7: Reloaded.

What do you think? Did the judges make the right call?


April 14th, 2012 8:29 AM I'm in New Zealand & tonight was just as shocked as were the judges to see what are probably the very best three contestants in the contest being voted as the bottom three, but this type of voting seems to happen every year of course, regardless of the fact that the judges keep reminding the voters that this is a singing contest & the best singers should be voted in this case Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez & Elise Testone....most of the others are really just so so. Erm clearly those three were not the best singers.... The voting was correct. And Jessica should have gone and not been saved, nothing to do with race so don't know why the race card is being played. Singers sing they don't shout/screech karaoke.


BUT this is the finals i will miss amricean idol forever if there coming back on tv i will be very glad trust me to my big or small soul and heart thank you for being on the shaw everybody this is so good that everybody almost everybody sing SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD am dieing am watching the finals so exicted i am and every body is i love amricean idol THANK you


Jessica Sanchez has a very strong voice indeed. Singing is not all about having a strong voice, though it helps if you know how to use it. Since day 1, I have not heard her story. All I can hear is screaming. Her look is quiet confusing too. This skinny little girl trying to look like a sexy diva hmmmmmm it is sore to the eyes actually


Cool , I love having Hollywood Gossip tell me like it is ~~yeah~


I WILL say it once and say it again..the judges CAN use their save on whoever they ALL agree on...For Jessica, it WAS a "WAKE UP CALL" and I WAS glad the majority of the people felt the same way..She WAS OVER CONFIDENT and WAS NOT A PEOPLE PERSON and YOUNG and ARROGANT which showed in her body language! You need to be humble INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE! Hopefully she WILL realize she DOES NOT HAVE IT IN THE BAG!


those that say jessica should go is stuped


Yeah, she seems really fake and she is ugly!


Jessica should have gone home. im asian and i dont like her so i dont think this is about racism. she can reach high notes more than anyone else but she makes every song she sings sound old. her style of singing isn't everyone's taste. maybe the older people would buy her records but the young ones wouldn't and at this times, artists prefer the younger market. and besides, she seems relly fake to me when she said she thought the judges didn't like her. oh please, even a blind dog can see she's the judges' pet. and just a note on hollie, she said 'the judges better save her' to colton dixon. watch the video and the behind the scenes! how can you lip-read a girl with such a funny accent? that's just stupid! colton or philip will win.


I hope Hollie goes home, last week when Jessica was the one chosen for elimination, I was watching Hollie, and she said to the person next to her "I told she would be the one" with a smirk on her face. She did not like it at all when the judges came onto the stage and saved Jessica. I lost all respect for Hollie that night and I truly hope she goes home, it would give me great satisfaction.




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