Jessica Sanchez has advanced to the finals on season 11 of American Idol. A Filipino-American, Sanchez appeared on America's Got Talent...

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Jessica Sanchez performed a reality competition crossover last night.

The former American Idol runner-up took to the stage before the Dancing with the Stars winner was crowned, belting out a version of "Feel This Moment." 

As she sang, a montage of highlights from the season of the dance competition flashed on a screen behind her. Watch and be impressed now:

Elsewhere on the concluding episode, PSY danced it up to his hit "Gentleman" while Pitbull and ex-contestant Wynonna Judd were also featured.

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Fox aired an American Idol results show last night that bid farewell to Paul Jolley.

However, like always, there were a couple performances sprinkled in to the voting announcement - and the most impressive came courtesy of Jessica Sanchez.

The former finalist showcased an edgier tone on an edgier track, taking to the stage alongside Ne-Yo and debuting the up-tempo single "Tonight."

Look for Sanchez to make her acting debut in May on Glee Season 4. And grade her latest song now:

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That American Idol thing worked out pretty well for Jessica Sanchez, huh?

The talented singer got a boyfriend out of it, fellow Season 10 contestant DeAndre Brackensick, and also confirmed a record deal this week, telling the crowd at the iHeartRadio American Idol tour stop in New York City Wednesday night that she is signed to Interscope Records.

Sanchez also debuted the track "Fairytale." Give it a listen now:

Joshua Ledet was also on hand and third-place finisher impressed the crowd with his own new single. It's titled "Broken Man" and you can judge it below.

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Jessica Sanchez took part in an Internet U Stream chat yesterday and while the American Idol runner-up touched on various aspects of that show and her career, it was a personal revelation that has fans buzzing today:

The singer is dating DeAndre Brackensick!

  • Jessica Sanchez Picture
  • Deandre Brackensick Pic

“I got a secret and I want you guys to guess. I’ll nod if it’s no or yes,” Sanchez told fans during the interview.

After one asked if she had a boyfriend, Jessica answered in the affirmative, referred to Deandre by name and replied: “Hahah. He’s my boyfriend. Love you guys. Byeeee!”

The new couple is performing all summer long, alongside eight other Season 11 finalists, on the American Idol tour.

On the professional front, meanwhile, Sanchez may guest star on Glee this season.

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Who sings a better ballad, Jessica Sanchez or Lea Michele?

Television viewers may be able to answer this question later this year, as sources confirm that the American Idol runner-up is nearing a deal to guest star on Glee Season 4.

Details are unknown at this time and Sanchez would not appear until around midseason because she could not start shooting until the American Idol Live tour is finished in September.

But TV Line claims Jessica will stop by multiple episodes and either get involved with Michele's Rachel in New York or the core singing group in Ohio. She'd be the latest big name to play a role on Glee, with Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker already signed on for the new season.

The only question remaining: Does Glenn Beck think Jessica Sanchez will make Glee more horrifying or less horrifying?

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Jessica Sanchez picked the wrong year to finish second on American Idol.

In the wake of this singer's loss to Phillip Phillips, an Associated Press report took a look into changes made to the season 11 contract for all contestants.

It states that this year's runner-up is only entitled to a "developmental" deal with 19 Recordings, something that could net Sanchez between $30,000-$60,000, depending on the number of single's commissioned by the label. This marks the first time in history the second-place finisher has not been awarded a guaranteed album and $175,000 advance.

Jessica Sanchez Photograph

Yes, Jessica could still see that figure if 19 Records does order a CD; and she'll also bank $50,000 for all future Idol-sponsored public appearances.

But why the change in guarantees?

Because ratings for American Idol are down; a majority of albums from show finalists have not done well; and because the music industry overall has changed: in 2011, nearly 1.3 billion singles were purchased, while only 331 million albums were moved.

Phillips, meanwhile, received $300,000 and an album contract for winning.

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We've found her! The only female on the planet who did not vote Phillip Phillips for American Idol champion!

Granted, she's like four years old.

It's both hilarious and heart-breaking to watch her reaction to this week's finale results. But it should at least be comforting to Fox executives - following a season where ratings tumbled - to know that at least some fans out there still care. A lot.

Watch poor little Laney's reaction to the outcome now and start the hate mail campaign for the mother behind the camera, who seems to take pleasure in mocking her toddler's pain:

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Upon winning American Idol last night, Phillip Phillips dissolved into tears and hugged his parents. It was a beautiful, pure moment of happiness.

But, moments prior to that celebration, Jessica Sanchez treated viewers to a lovely moment herself: expressing true pride and satisfaction when her opponent's name was called.

"I really think that Phillip deserves to win and I'm so happy for him," Sanchez told reporters after all was said and done, adding of Phillip: "He has his funny side and his humble side and he's just an amazing, original artist."

The same is true for Sanchez, who may have lost, but who was involved in what most consider the best performance of the evening: a duet with Jennifer Holliday on "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." Watch, be amazed and wish this runner-up luck now:



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Following a record 132 million votes, performances from Neil Diamond, Rihanna and Aerosmith and a proposal, American Idol crowned a season 11 champion tonight.

Was it ballad singer extraordinaire Jessica Sanchez? Or Dave Matthews prototype Phillip Phillips? Unlike Ryan Seacrest, we won't keep you in suspense for very long. The winner is...

American Idol Finalists


Not exactly a shocker, huh? The guitar-playing crooner was considered a favorite from his very first audition, considering his similar qualities to every other American Idol champion of the past five seasons.

Jessica appeared genuinely happy for Phillip upon hearing the announcement, as Ryan handed Phillip his guitar, Phillips took the crowd "Home" and eventually dissolved into tears, heading into the crowd to hug his parents.

Did Phillip Phillips deserve to win?


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One episode. Two finalists. Three songs.

Phillip Phillips squared off against Jessica Sanchez tonight, with the American Idol Season 11 crown at stake. Each contestant was tasked with singing a trio of tracks:

  1. Simon Fuller's selections: Jessica Sanchez, “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston; Phillip Phillips, “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King
  2. A favorite from earlier in the season: Jessica Sanchez in no heels, “The Prayer” by Celine Dion; Phillip Phillips, “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel
  3. A potential winning single: Jessica Sanchez, “Change Nothing;" Phillip Phillips, “Home”
Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips

So, who deserves the crown? Watch all six performance videos below and then vote...



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