Will Sandra Fluke Sue Rush Limbaugh for Slander?

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Rush Limbaugh has apologized to Sandra Fluke for referring to the Georgetown Law School student as a "slut" and a "prostitute" because she believes her health insurance plan should pay for female contraception.

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    @Duh....we already pay for contraception with tax dollars at free govt. clinics...Planned Parenthood. You're obviously the type that believe folks shouldn't have to take responsibility for themselves. That's the thinking that helped grow this entitlement structure in our govt. Thanks for that!


    Edit: them* not themselves


    Okay Belinda, let's not "pay for somebody's" contraceptives so they have all sorts of kids and then we'd have to pay for those kids who will likely continue the cycle. I'd personally rather pay for someone's birth control or even abortion if it gets me out of having to support themselves and their dumb little kids 'til they get a job or go to prison.




    @ Lexy,
    Thank You for your response to my comment. This is indeed a very hot topic, and the heat is still on. Thank You for your concern, but I am Not a candidate ready to fall into the deep end of the pool, I enjoy life and living above ground.
    Don't consider yourself a stranger. Your comment reminded me that others do be thinking of others when they read comments. Hopefully I will continue to be able to write words that others will be able to understand without having to read through a bunch of codes.
    Don't 4444 Get to laugh!!


    Limbaugh is already being taken to the cleaners by losing advertisers left and right. It is my understanding that at least 2 radio stations have dropped him from their airwaves. I do Not think that he expected such a public outcry of support in favor of Ms. Fluke. From all indications, Ms. Fluke remains a humbled woman with a message that Not only has something to do with her,but a message in support of other women's health. Ms. Fluke's statements were Never about her, but a shiny example to get the attention that would benefit others than herself.
    Dare I add a another tidbit. Even though the subject started out about birth control, contraceptives and women's health, men can be diagnosed with breast cancer as well as women. Check it out!!


    When this story broke last week I was shocked that no one else was reporting on it. 3 days later they were lambasting Rush. He deserves so much worse!! Miss Fluke has every right to go after that jerk. I'm glad that he is enduring so much criticism. I hope the Democrats exploit as much coverage out of this as the Republicans did for the whole rediculous contraception issue.


    Let's not forget this is the same fellow who was forced to resign from a brief stint on Monday Night Football because of racist remarks he made about Donovan McNabb.


    Look, we are already supplying condoms. I buy my own contraceptives. Why? To prevent pregnancy! There is another way to do that.....Abstain. There is no way that the working people are in any way responsible for her sexual habits. It would be like me walking into her parents house and asking for a year's supply of condoms. Ya they would just hand me money right?


    He is one low down redneck for sure. He and that damn show of his is not about sh?t. I hope that all his ads are pulled. I for one will never spend money with any of his sponsors. As a matter of fact I am going to put his sponsors on facebook and ask everyone to boycott them until he is off the air. Watch and see ok.

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