Patricia Heaton Also Apologizes For Insensitive Sandra Fluke Jokes

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She may star on The Middle, but when it comes to politics, Patricia Heaton is one of the few outspoken celebrities who is far to the right.

How far to the right? Rush Limbaugh far.

Just like that conservative talk show host, this actress went off on Sandra Fluke not long after the Georgetown Law School student appeared at a press conference last week and pleaded her case for why contraception should be covered by health insurance companies.

As you can see in the sample Tweets below, Heaton continually, condescendingly mocked Fluke's supposed reliance on others:

Patricia Heaton Tweets

But then also like Limbaugh, Heaton issued an apology via Twitter, writing: Mea culpa Sandra! Wasn't being respectful 2 u re my tweets as I hope people wd b w/me. Don't like you being dissed -so sorry."

Perhaps realizing that a Mea Culpa written like a second grader was equally disrespectful, Heaton gave it another try and finally struck the right tone:

I apologized to Ms Fluke last week. I may not agree with her views but I didn't treat her with respect and I'm sorry. I was wrong. Mea Culpa.


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@Peachy. If a dr. prescribes for a medical reason as you mentioned that can easily be made the exception. That's not the argument here and you know it! It was made a political issue when the Obama Admin. tried to force a religious denomination to go against their belief! Thus we are talking the "separation of church and state" issue. That makes it political...that's Barack's fault. Even his Vice Prez and former Chief of Staff told him not go there, but the Prez did anyway. He brought it all on himself!

Wv peach

Ms. Fluke clearly stated birth control pills were needed by her friend as treatment for ovarian cysts. Perhaps you're one of the lucky women who has never had gynecological problems requiring treatment and/or meds not covered by insurance. Rest assured, it is easily possible to exceed 3K when treating ovarain and uterine cysts. Why must this issue be turned into a political battleground? Educate yourself.......when you know better you do better.


Miss Fluke is a puppet of the Obama machine. Her testimony was all "set up" by the Prez's election machine and the Congressional Democrats. (I noticed Princess Pelosi grinning from ear to ear while Miss Fluke testified) The gal's a big contraception advocate in her own right. It was her 15 mins. of fame. This is no little victim that can't pay for her pills. What a sham she turned out to be! No, birth control costs $3,000 as she said. And all to get that inept fool in the WH re-elected! As far as the media front goes: The liberal media gets away with murder. The conservative media gets crucified! That's America for ya!


Amazing: bigotry against Jews and liberals and hollywood by one commentator, multiple "f" word for Heaton and conservatives by another commentator on this blog. Four years ago Letterman apologized to Palin, and Limbaugh has apologized to Fluke. Perhaps the gentlemen who have been in failed relationships realized that their cruel comments were reflections of their own behaviors and selves? Let us learn from our "betters" who have apologized, and follow the great examples of other conservatives and liberals who do not attack personally and promote their political views and agendas. -Mick


Patricia many of us feel the same way about Ms Fluke. Don't apologise, we shouldn't have to pay for her BC. Besides she lied it doesn't cost 3000.00 a year for BC. A little to much drama... Ms Fluke!


Wonder what her response would be if her children were subjected to her 'trailer park' philosophy while doing something unselfish?
In her world healthcare, a primary fundamental right of people in a free society, should not be accessible to those of meager means. She is wealthy so 'the hell with the rest of us'
Ii's a pity her parents did not use birth control, then society would have been spared her evil rants and her ability to procreate, thus subjecting us to another generation of her evil teachings.
But just as her spiritual leader, Rush Limbaugh, used the benefits insurance, he often rejects for others (poor folks, to get the hearing aparatus he has wired to his head, and the Viagra he used while vactioning in the Dominican Rupublic on he sexual escapdes, she Patricia Heaton, will one day require insurance assistance for herself or her children.


At least Heaton's apology seems genuine, unlike Limbaugh's explanation that the liberals made him do it. It's interesting to see that conservative responses are almost always talking points, repeating the same errors over and over again.


How ignorant are Heaton & Rush? 1. BC Pills are not like Viagra or Oxycontin..something Rush is very familiar with. You take BC Pills once a day whether you have sex or not, you don't gobble them up everytime you have sex. 2. US Taxpayers are not involved, it is private insurance companies. 3. BC pills are not only used to prevent conception, they are also used for other female ailments, a fact Ms Fluke testified to, but the dittoheads are too busy listening to Rush, to read what she said. Heaton is as viscious as Rush, and as stupid. I thought Rush was a pig when he made fun of Michael J Fox, and Heaton stuck up for him then too. What disgusting people these 2 are.


My husband and I agree with Rush Limbaugh, his name calling could have been a little different, but he is right. Why should we as tax payers have to pay for Ms Fluke birth control. She said, she needed $3000per year, that's $250.00 per month. There are health centers if she can't afford them,when she reports her income, will qualify for a discount. Why should the taxpayer have to take on another bill. I think she has caused a lot of interruption and stress among people, in an efford to continue a problem within our country...may I say Ms Fluke you are wanting a entitlement and with the other millions that are getting money they don't deserve. You want the government to pay for your birth control to have sex.... So sad...that you are 30 years old and needed this type of advertisement but that's how attorney's works....we had one in our family, don't anymore....

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