Snooki Cleavage Pic: The Perks of Pregnancy

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She recently Tweeted her engagement photo. Now Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is showing off the perks of her pregnancy on Twitter. Sort of literally.

The Jersey Shore train wreck, 24, may have just shed some weight, but now that she's wild child, she's proud of what she's gained elsewhere.

We are talking about in the chestal region:

Snook Up Close

"I got swagger with my pregnant self," Polizzi Tweeted, showing some serious cleavage peeking out of her neon yellow top in what would actually be sort of a hot photo if we weren't talking about Snooki. So it goes.

Snooki and Jionni LaValle officially announced their pregnancy in March, more than a month after tabloids got wind of it and it was all but confirmed anyway.

While there's no word on what her co-stars, like one-time hookup Vinny Guadagnino, think of her body, they think she'll be a great mom ... what about you?

Will Snooki be a good mom?


Nicole Is A Whore! Nicole Is A Whore! I know her personally so shut your trap bonit-uh!!!


Gosh People Gett A Lifee & Grow Up Snookie Will Be An Awesome Mother She At Least Didn't Have An Abortion It's Her Baby & Her Lifee Mind Yourr Own Fuckingg Business
# Straight Up


Your chest looks GROSS !!! Got pregnant on purpose, to hold onto poor boy. Dont you know that never works - WE ALL KNOW YOU BLOWJBD Mike. Nicole Puzzi (lol) You ain't nothin' but a lyin' TRAMP.


Another stupid person who got knocked up by mistake. She will have CPS involved.


i think u would make a great mom it comes from within an u got lots to give girl


Hey....if she has it.....she has the right to flaunt it, baby!!


Hey....if she has it.....she has the right to flaunt it baby!!


Snooki could be a good mom, the baby could change her life and shut people up.

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