Rihanna Smacks Down Reporter Over Ill-Timed Ashton Kutcher Question

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Rihanna politely put a reporter in her place after being asked a question about her alleged recent dalliance with Ashton Kutcher at a press conference in London this week.

In the UK promoting her new film Battleship, Rihanna was asked by a ballsy member of the press if the Two and a Half Men star would be visiting her there.

Her response? Far from rude, but even farther from happy:

"Wow ... how disappointing was that question," the 24-year-old singer replied, adding pointedly, "I'm happy and I'm single, if that's what you're really asking."

Demi Moore is glad she cleared that up. The rest of us are just scratching our heads at how that even came up at a big-time press event for Battleship.

Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher allegedly hooked up earlier this month, though there is no proof of this other than a report that she visited his pad late night.

There were no photos and TMZ even took down the story, making it even wilder that someone had the nerve to ask a made-for celebrity gossip question.


Wtf is with u people? U all too sensitive. She doesn't seem pissed at all. All she said was "how disappointing is that question." she could have meant that she would have liked to be with Ashton, but nothing is going on. All we can say is that she is a beautiful, talented young woman who seems content with her life. Why y'all have to take something so small and look at it through a magnifine glass?


she should have been expecting that question to surface since the tabloids have been questioning their 'alleged relationship' for some time now. I don't understand why she was upset in the first place. Your famous, it's going to come out either way so just say 'yeah or nay' and move on to the next question.


Ya'll are the haters. Everyone has the right to live their life their way...if your life were the one on showcase, we'd see how many of you could give her a run for the "whore" title...keep hating..she'll keep succeeding...in your faces...


takes one to know one bebe


Why people don't mind their rasshole business and stop hating?Punks!The reason you people call her names is because you are weak-minded.Yes,especially you bebe!Bring it on!


She has no good reason to be hanging out with her abuser-what a quack. Love is not a good enough reason. She seems bitter and instead of acting like a tramp she should have taken the high road and learned something. First ryan phillippe, now ashton. She must really like cheaters. I guess her song with eminem proves that. No respect for herself. Yuck. ...and yes i feel free to state my opinion on this bioooootch.


Wow she really looks ugly now what happened to her


It is what it is! It could be an innocent visit. Or if not she single he single.


Lol She got mad and did not denied it because is true... She's a WHORE!!!!!! WHORE!

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