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The day after Erika Van Pelt was eliminated from American Idol, she was relatively calm, expressing excitement over this summer’s tour and saying she expected to be in the bottom three.

But the first member of the top 10 to be sent packing took a few days to ponder the results of last Thursday and took a different yesterday in an interview with People.

Erika Van Pelt -

“I definitely felt a little shafted by their decision not to save me,” Van Pelt admitted, referring to the judges’ veto power. “It’s one of those things that, in hindsight, I’m looking at it like they didn’t want to use their save this early.”

A year ago, Steven, Randy and J. Lo saved Casey Abrams at the same point in the competition, leaving them helpless weeks later when Pia Toscano was shockingly sent home.

Van Pelt believes those results impacted this season’s thinking.

“I was not expecting to be the first of the top 10 to go home – certainly. I’m not sure they were expecting it either. But I feel like even if they felt like I didn’t deserve to go home, they just didn’t want to waste that save in case America decided to do something really crazy.”

Look back to last week and vote below: did Erika deserve to be eliminated?