Michelle Duggar Denies Adverse Impact on Earth, Says Entire Population Could Live in Jacksonville

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To anyone accusing her of being wasteful or irresponsible on a planet already short on resources, Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting offers a strong rebuke.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Michelle was asked how one can justify having such a large family in an already overpopulated world.

Duggar said overpopulation is basically a myth. Why? Get ready for this ...

Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar, Family

"The idea of overpopulation is not accurate because, really, the whole world population, standing shoulder to shoulder, could fit in the city limits of Jacksonville."

"So if you realize that aspect, we're not anywhere near being overpopulated."

Who knew Jacksonville was that big? Take that, science. Step off.

Michelle Duggar did, with all due respect, go on to discuss how buying used cars, old clothing and living resourcefully can reduce a family's environmental impact.

They also have no debts, reducing their financial burden on others.

Nevertheless, a family of 21? Probably more of strain on the environment than one half its size. Or a quarter of its size. Carbon footprints do exist, like it or not.

According to Duggar - who does specialize in a terrific Duggars Tater Tot Casserole recipe -  other countries have death rates that eclipse birth rates (it's actually quite rare), so there can never be too many babies. Huh?

Anyway, we're done. Your turn. Is it okay to have 19 kids?


Here's my beef with the Jacksonville comment: it's the largest city by area in the contiguous US. 840K people, but 747 sq miles of land--plus another 127 sq miles of water. It's been consolidated with the county in which it sits, giving it the same area as the county itself. It's twice the size of NEW YORK CITY!
There is NO WAY Duggar would have hit in Jacksonville as her comparison city unless she was being intentionally deceptive. (Or unless she got the little factoid from someone who was being intentionally deceptive and didn't think it worthwhile to check it out.) I would have thought her Christian faith would prohibit her from making deceptive statements of this type.
I've read elsewhere that the world's population could fit in LA if they all stood shoulder to shoulder. LA is something like half the size of Jacksonville so yeah. Shoulder to shoulder. If the Duggars are comfortable with shoulder to shoulder living, why do they have a huge house?


It is so sad when ignorance and backward people like the Duggars get to voice an opinion about anything when to be quite honest they are mental pygmies with no grasp of reality or global issues. Americans would be better off changing the channel rather than giving them any platform to spew their ignorance and petty mindless idiocy.
We don't live in a time anymore where families need to have large families, and the only reason they did it back then was because of high infant mortality, disease and shorter life expectancy. It's the 21st century not the middle ages.
That's all I have to say because quite frankly they give me a headache trying to reason out their stupidity.


I don't really care if they chose to have a ton more kids. Their answer to this question may be one of the funniest things I've heard in awhile. It would make my day if the next person who interviews them will ask them to discuss dinosaurs. I bet that answer will be priceless! Thank you Michelle! You made my day!


Oh please, people, do your geneology. My Great Grandmoter had about 15 and don't know how many she lost. The kids took care of one another, they all lived and raised families and believe it or not large families. I'm from one of them. It's what you choose to do. They raised a farm back then, fed their children, read by lantern and candles, and walked to school. And yes, My Mom went barefoot. She only had one pair shoes. Dig back into your family geneology and find out how many children your Great Grandparents or GG Grandparents had. You'll be amazed. I think they do a pretty good job, the children are well behaved and at least they are raising them to believe in Jesus. What the world needs now is love sweet love, thats the only thing that there's not enough of. jt


It's still better than tots in terror-ara's or hoarders with dead animals mummified under all their crap or undecipherable regional accents with so many beeped out words you have to figure out their sentences base solely on conjunctions and prepositions. Reality TV isn't supposed to bring world peace or solve complicated socio-economic crises. If u can't handles this family go watch hill-billy hand-fishin'!


I'm not so worried about the amount of children they have as much as I am worried about Michelle Duggar's body. Sorry, but after having so many children her body cannot be in the same shape as someone who's had one tenth the amount of children she's had. There are so many problems associated with having that many pregnancies. Also, knowing that each of the smaller children have an older sibling as a partner to oversee them, what type of system is that? Nothing is as good as a mother's love and how does she have anywhere near the time to give that love to each and everyone of them equally.


Here in America we have the right to live as we desire. Good for the Duggers,they live by their convictions.God loves all the little children of the World. God Bless you all.


I have one word for these angelic parents that I really think could help them- A.B.S.T.I.N.E.N.C.E that should be their new religion for the bedroom! A message for Eric: I agree 100,000% with what you wrote!


Why is she being credited with repeating what her husband said on a question and answer show they did this season?
We know they're stupid, and have narrow viewpoints, that should not
surprise people. Jim-Bob and Michelle are products of a public high school education system in Arkansas. That type of intelligence is actually teaching 19 kids?????


Oh wait, I misread the articale.....ok....sorry about my last post. I feel stupid now >.< i thought she meant she could live here. Sorry people....haha....ya but Jacksonville is pretty big......sorry....sorry for my last post


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