Khloe & Lamar Recap: Daddy Issues and Implants

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There was no shortage of issues on Khloe & Lamar last night.

While Lamar struggled to allow his father Joe back into his life, Malika Haqq wrestled with the idea of getting breast implants. What did she end up deciding?!?!

Khloe Kardashian, of course, was the sidekick in each of these plot lines, and ever so helpful. Come along for THG's recap of the Khloe & Lamar madhouse:

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Lamar's father Joe calls him and suggests they go on a trip together. Cute idea that Ryan Seacrest Productions came up with, but Lamar balks. Plus 13.

"My father was in and out of my life for a long period of time. He wants to go on vacation, but I've gotta draw the line." - Lamar. That line was crossed when you signed on for this show, man, but Minus only 7 because daddy issues are tough.

At dinner, Joe asks if Lamar has any bracelets he can have. Good ice-breaker. Minus 12.

Lamar: "My father's platoon had been taken out and in order to survive he had to crawl in a foxhole that had a lot of his dead soldiers in it and hide under them ... what my father's experienced, he naturally had PTSD and I had no idea."

Plus 35 for courage and Plus 15 more for a serious discussion of PTSD.

Khloé and Lamar visit Camp Pendleton in San Diego County so Lamar can get a better idea of what his father went through, and it works. Plus 10.

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Lamar calls up his dad and says he wants to take him on a Santa Barbara wine tour. Maybe not the best date idea, but Plus 10 for the effort.

After her breakup with NFL star Adrian Wilson, Malika decides she wants to get breast implants. Guess Adrian Wilson prefers 34Ds? Minus 9.

Khloe's cue cards say she thinks Malika is beautiful the way she is and is only interested in this because of her breakup. Ya think? Minus 11.

It's not a man issue," she says. "It's a Malika issue." Because of a man issue. Minus 20 as Khloe is totally right on this one, fake as it all is.

To convince her, Khloe takes Malika out lingerie shopping. HOT! Plus 7.

Malika suggests Khloe Kardashian get liposuction. Harsh, but Plus 23.

Cue obligatory last-second change of heart! She goes to see Khloe she isn't getting the surgery and admits she was thinking about getting it for the wrong reasons ... and BTW Khloe's not really fat. Aww. Minus 40 for that waste of time.



I really like the kardashians., but I also now and then watch your show and Kloe I wish I had a best friend like you are to the girl that wanted the boob job, she finally opened her eyes. You are lucky to have that man byyour side and he should feel the same, god bless the both of you. His father on the other hand should be in the church, around christian, and or speak to someone once a week about what he is thinking or what he is still experiencing after the war., and you should support him and not give him bracelets, and thing you dont use, right there he is taking advantage of you., hes a ground man regardless, he knows what hes saying.


I loved the lingerie shop they went to, Sara's Lingerie! It looked like they went to Europe, for lingerie shopping! I need for sure to be fitted and add to my breast another cup size or so, without a surgery! I looked them up! they are actually located in Studio City, CA... Thank you Khloe for showing us the alternative to surgery... You looked amazing!


Patty, you need a lesson in true reality. What you were watching was a totally scripted show -- it's all staged, including the marriage. It's all about the money -- nothing more. As far as the love they have for each other -- don't be fooled by staged affection. In fact, grow up and realize you're watching pure bulls**t written by a bunch of bad writers! P.S. Khloe and Lamar are by far the ugliest couple on TV!




I respect your love KL! Keep it up but as for malika haqq get a life pls stop tagging along your friend has her life get yours!!!!!


Just watched the episode were Lamar had his Aah moment with his Father. Khloe you already know this about Lamar but today I saw I wonderfully kind sole. The pair of you are beautiful together you can see the love you have for each other through your eyes. I wish both of the best keep loving each other.

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