The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Error Apparents

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta come back this week as we all recover from that fiasco of an anniversary party and move on to a birthday, an engagement, and a divorce.

Things happen fast in Atlanta. To keep up, here's THG official +/- review!

The anniversary party is over. That's the good news. Plus 8. Of course Peter lauds it as a great success. Idiot. Minus 10. That his wife was miserable seems to fly right past him.

Much as Mal badmouths Peter and she did make a scene, Peter basically made fun of her in public when he made his toast at the party. She had a right to be pissed but Peter and Cynthia don't seem to remember any of that. Minus 9.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast

Mal does come over and offer an apology to Cynthia who isn't very gracious. She doesn't seem to recognize that her husband is as much of a hater as Mal.

Maybe it's good that Mal's headed to Paris.  Hopefully Cynthia will see her husband for what he is without the distractions. Plus 7.

Kim and Kandi get together as Kim laments how stressful the move has been. Yes, moving is stressful but most of us don't have an entire entourage to help us get it done. Minus 8 and stop the whining already.

Without the silly yelling these two manage to put this orphanage nonsense behind them and it's about time. If I never have to see that clip again it will still be too soon. Plus 5.

Of course that doesn't stop Kandi from basically saying the entire incident was Cynthia's fault. Oye. Some things never change.

NeNe's lawyers call her in to tell her that all the paperwork for her divorce is ready. All she has to do is sign. It's time to make a decision. 

Plus 12 for deciding to go sit down and speak to a counselor. Maybe it will help her get her head around all of this. It's a big decision and she shouldn't take it lightly.

But you have to admire NeNe's confidence. She knows that if she divorces Greg someone else will come along and scoop her up and thankfully she doesn't mean John. Oh, that's just a nightmare. The guy creeps me out.

Phaedra throws Ayden a party for his first birthday party. Sheree complains about the location, the drive, the fact that they're running late. Minus 9. If you're going to be that way then don't even bother coming.

I will admit that the 12 different cakes are way over the top but despite that ridiculousness, Ayden is just adorable. Plus 7.

Prior to this Apollo was asked to speak at the Mason's lodge and his candor was somewhat impressive. He's screwed up but he's owning it and trying to do something good with his life. Plus 10.

Of course it would have been nice if his wife could have shown up on time to support him but hey, at least she and Ayden looked good when they finally made it there.

In Nashville, Kandi continues her partnership with Jo Dee Messina and their voices mesh better than I ever thought they would. 

Plus 12 to Kandi for taking a risk and doing something outside of her comfort zone. That kind of guts and creativity is why she's so successful.

Back in Atlanta, Sheree finds out that daughter Tierra and longtime boyfriend Damon are considering tying the knot. Sheree wants a sit down with Damon. I don't even know Damon and I'm worried for him.

Sheree's ticked because Damon talked to Bob about it already but not her. Minus 7. Cut the guy a break. He was going for traditional. It's not like he's popped the question yet.

Then Damon makes a huge mistake. He says he's not sure how to pick out the ring and agrees to have Sheree help. 

Who thinks this is going to be a disaster? Raise your hand. Yeah. I thought so too.


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