Jenelle Evans: Getting Some Fake Boobs!

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Looks like Teen Mom 2 is getting 2 perky new cast members.

We're talking about Jenelle Evans' fake breasts here, people!

E! reports that the MTV reality star has decided to follow the Teen Mom trend (thank you Farrah Abraham) of enhancing her chest by a few cup sizes.

So how big is the Terror from Oak Island going? And why?

Dammit Jenelle

A source close to Jenelle says simply, "She got tired of having small breasts. Jenelle decided on a full 'C' cup because she does not want to go too big."

That's a relief ... don't want your fake boobs to look too fake.

"Jenelle has already had a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Her mom went along for support ... they are getting along much better now," the source adds.

If BAHBWAH is game, who are we to complain? Jenelle's son Jace had no comment, likely because no one asked, or he hasn't seen his mom in a month.

New boy toy Gary Head, however, is stoked: "Gary is all for it. He says it doesn't matter to him and he supports her decision," the source reports.

In other Jenelle Evans news, Hannah Inman dropped harassment charges against her. Woo. James Duffy is still accusing her of a cyber-stalking campaign, though.


She is such a dumb white trash HO


this girl is pathetic... farthest thing from a real mother as you can get. poor baby jace.


I thought she didn't even have a place to live!! Perhaps THAT might be more important then fake boobs! Jeez....


Amen @ana!!! She has a son....instead she spends her money on some fake boobs because she wants to be like a few other fake hollywood stars. At least those fake hollywood stars can spend money on their childeren....


Yeah, cause THAT'S what she needs........lord help us.




Yeah, those boobs will come in real handy in prison. She needs to spend that money on a van, since she lives in her car so much. Then she can move down by the river! Ahhhh, she's come full circle.


Instead of waisting money on BS. Spend it on ur son and be a REAL Mother.

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