Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik: Staying Strong, Moving in Together Soon!

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The Bachelor stars Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are determined to make this thing work in spite of all the negativity - and they appear to be succeeding.

At least in the immediate aftermath of The Bachelor bloodbath.

Once host-pimp Chris Harrison coughed up and Ben re-issued the $80,000 Neil Lane ring to Courtney on the After The Final Rose special, they turned a corner.

Courtney says that despite the bumps in the road over the last few months, things are progressing nicely and she's nothing but optimistic for the future.

Julia Flajnik Photo

"We try not to pay attention to it," Courtney said this week of the tabloid scrutiny. "I guess positive stories don’t sell, so no one wants to run the truth."

However, it hasn't been all nude photo scandals, cheating rumors and hating. The general public, Court says, has been quite supportive in recent weeks:

“I just spent the weekend with Ben in San Francisco and people kept coming up, offering words of encouragement. So, things seem to be getting better.”

Courtney Robertson reiterated that she believes Ben did not cheat, saying "at the end of the day, if I didn’t trust him, I wouldn’t be with him, period."

“He trusted and believed in the real me. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I found Ben; he made everything worth it.”

On the topic of moving in together, she says, “I’m hopeful it will happen by summer. We’re not in a rush, but neither of us wants to be in a long distance relationship."

"For now, we have a lot of fun, little trips planned. But I do love San Francisco and can definitely see myself having a happy life there with Ben.”

As for Ben's sister Julia, who Tweeted the pic above of their recent double date, she says they "talk all the time and she’s really helped me get through this."

What do you think? Starting to come around? Just a little?

Will Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson last?


courtney robertson has actually been forced into this bachelor crap because of high-up organised crime syndicates have threatened to harm her loved one's and what's the american government doing about that fuck all what a nice country fuck wall street dogs.


Ben was seeing her different than we did, sometimes we mask ourselves and only revile the real us to those we trust. I think this is what Courtney did. She has a side that is child like and sweet but children want their way and will throw fits if they don't get it and know what works they will. Ben needs to just love her that's gonna take a lot but I hope they work out. I did not want him to pick her. I thought she was using him but change my mind when i noticed he wanted her.


i wish you ben and courtney all the best and Happy couples.


I personally think that Cortney won't change! She is who she is! I'm sure it must be very hard to be in that kind of show, but unfortunately, she seemed to be herself, so not much hope for her. But hey people, no need to be this mean! I still wish them the best! You never know!


Courtney said she was WINNING, but it looks to me like she is a LOSER. Are vegans allowed to fish? How come she was so enthusiastic about mutilating that fishes mouth with a hook if she is a vegan?


Personally, I don't ever watch nor pay attention to this dog crap of a show but I did notice something about the photo: Do you think they have enough wine? I mean, damn, there is about four glasses for each person.


I think their adorable. It really sounds like the
people who are negatively commenting are nothing but jealous.
Get a life and LET THEM BE! wouldn't you want that for
yourself? The show is over, their together, so get over it!


If Ben is that stupid and see Courtney for who she really is then maybe they deserve each other, I don't think Ben is ready to get married because he can't leave other women alone


hey kimberly = try googling her name - looks like Izod Ceasars Palace Brighton Jewelery was on the cover of Fitness magazine last year plus more there just look.


What a joke this is! I think that maybe they deserve each other! Ben needs to grow up, and Courtney, the self proclaimed Diva? Don't think there is any help for her. I didn't think Ben even acted like he wanted to give the ring back to Courtney, so i was surprised when he did. WTF it will NEVER last!

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