Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik Just Might Work, Bachelor's Chris Harrison Opines

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The Bachelor host Chris Harrison spoke to reporters via conference call today and shared his thoughts on the re-engaged Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson.

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    wow - some of you people are so nasty! what happened to being caring and forgiving? gee the woman made some mistakes - she has taken responsibility for them. let them be a happy couple - she has more than enough been punished. don't forget some of the other women were nasty too. I think the nastiness in the comments says a lot about your own character. enough is enough guys.


    Let's just be real here, COURTNEY IS A BITCH END OF STORY !
    It is just going to be the darkest day in the world for Ben the day he realizes what a million people tried to tell him but he chose not to listen. sad for you much Ben!


    At the beginning of the show, I was taken aback by Courtney's rude behavior. I expected the other girls to confront her. When they didn't, her antics increased to the point that some girls' comments became inappropriate, for example "smashing her like a black widow spider." I can only imagine what it will be like when she and Ben are arguing. Courtney isn't slow to hit below the belt. Was anyone else bothered that Lindsay got all the physical challenges and Courtney didn't get one? I wonder how Courtney would have handled the pressure. That being said,they seem very happy, and I hope it works out for them.

    Avatar would not like those people. And only thing going through your mind would be a wish for a falling piano from the sky. None of us can know hwats really going on inside Courtneys head and what is real or not, so its not very fair to judge her just because she says out hwat the res of the girls were thinking


    From someone 'older and wiser', I don't see this working. As others have said, the day will come where Ben sees the Courtney the world saw, the immature, self-centered princess who needs constant reassurance. Guys tire of that sort of needy behaviour very quickly. I can't believe he fell for her fakery. Maybe they deserve each other.


    How can Ben have been so sucked in by Courtney .. she's a catty, nasty piece of work. But her true colours will come out eventually and he'll see her for what she really is: a fake beeeaaarch!!!


    I find it hard to believe that Courtney is thought of as the victim in some of the posts here. She told Ben that she got along better with men than women. She was catty and hateful, then she tried to backtrack about how sorry she was. Even Ben's Mom and sister were fooled by her, and I bet they are wising up now. Two words come to mind for Courtney, Evil and Phoney. Ben, who I used to like very much, my word for him, Jackass. I give them both till the end of the year, just because of the five minutes of fame, especially for Courtney. Her smart mouth will not go too well with Ben's family or friends.


    all i have to say is that is one evil girl?


    Courtney is a conniving beeyatch and she is not afraid to show it. Since she's proud of it, why do people feel the need to think of excuses for her? Are you her mother? If not, shaddup! A model who's 28 years old and not that well-known will be forgotten soon. Why do you think she went on TV??????????? WHY??????? Are you that stupid??? As for Courtney and Ben as a couple, trust me, they will not make it. Give it a few months and you'll see. But, I have to say they do deserve each other. A jerk and a beeytch do deserve to be together for sure.


    There is no excuse for Courtney's behavior. Simply put, she is very mean-spirited. She will go out of her way to be mean. I think that difficult situations is what brings people's true colors out and their true character. It is easy to be nice when all is going well, now under pressure, now, that is where the real you will show and what you are made of. To excuse her behavior on having to compete with 24 other women is a very sorry excuse. She's just cowardly to blame her bad behavior on having to live in a house full of 24 women. She is just an insecure person who had to go out of her way to put the other girls down. Her behavior was childish. She really needs to grow up and stop being a spoiled litte brat. She's not even all that to be honest and to top it off, her ugly behavior did no favors for her for it made her look even uglier. Hope she learned something from this expereince.

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