Courtney Robertson Nude Photo Scandal, Plastic Surgery Alleged By Tabloid

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The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson isn't exactly a woman with a pristine reputation to start with, but there are even more skeletons in her closet, a tabloid claims.

Considering what we saw throughout the entire season of the show she - to the dismay of millions - won, the claims made by In Touch Weekly aren't shocking.

Whether they're true or not is a different story.

Courtney Robertson SECRETS!

With Ben Flajnik still trying to run damage control over his obvious ass grabbing pics, Courtney has been hiding some pretty racy stuff from her fiance, as well.

Chief among that stuff? Courtney Robertson nude photos.

The model did a full-on naked Playboy shoot, In Touch reports, plastering a little tease of one photo on the cover, which also claims she had a boob job.

The Playboy pics we can see ... the boob job not so much. There's plenty about Court that appears fake, sure, but her chest is not included on that list.

In Touch, which also hints at some (less-scandalous) Emily Maynard secrets, is clearly jumping on the Bash Courtney Bandwagon, but to what end?

Even if these claims are true, does anyone really care?

Bottom line: Ben Flajnik watched Courtney Robertson act like a catty, bratty, borderline sociopathic beeyotch all winter, and is still with her right now.

Nude pics and fake boobs aren't about to faze him. Heck, he would probably be pretty stoked, given that he made his decision on the finale with his ...

Yeah. Anyway, do you think the engaged pair will last?


what scandals???


Ben's biggest problem is still his dorky hair.


I really liked Ben the bachleorette season, but this bachleor show was yuck, could not watch much. He looks bad and not cool. He is kind of yucky. Courtney is pretty, and in this day and age posing nude is ok. as long as its not porno pics. She was kind of a bitch on the show, but she apoligized for it. give them a chance to make it or not. good luck to them. Emily on the next season is not fair at all not at all, dont like her, she had her chance and blew it. Brad was an ok guy.. I cant believe they are giving her another chance, its not like she was not picked, she was and could not make it work, why try her again, she is a FAKE and no good, yuck


All that travel and $250K too? Sign me up!!


So what WHO cares


Linze or whatever her name is has a nasty smokers voice. They would never cast her. I could never hear her talk!


I just hope Emily takes that check and redos those awkward vaneers.


Nude photos? Who cares? She's a natural, stunning beauty and I would love to see any photo of her, clothed or not. I never get tired of looking at her beautiful face. And Ben showed great taste in picking her. She's far more sophisticated than the other girls on the show. This girl has a good head on her shoulders. And she also has a soft, sweet, classy side. She's definitely a great catch! Lucky Ben!!!


I think all those other ladies are screaming jealous. All of the people who really know her as a person including one of her previous boyfriends praise her. She is a very pretty young woman and has publicly apologized to the other girls on the show on public television as well as to Ben about her behavior and acknowleges that she could have handled herself better. Enough is enough. Put the claws away and let her have a nice private life with Ben.


Nothing suprises me about this freako Courtney....Being nude in Playboy doesn't suprise me....what i don't get is: Playboy usually has the most beautiful women in their spreads....I would not consider Courtney to be beautiful by no means....with that said, i still can't believe Ben actually chose her....Good Luck to him because he's really gonna need it.....she's a total loser, who should be all for Emily,,,,don't get why she's the new Bacherlorette...another reject.....all she cares about is her kid, as she should, but no man will put up with her...i think she's too obsessed with the daughter....don't like her.....nuf said....

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