Bianka Kamber: Kris Humphries' Revenge Romance!

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According to Kris Humprhies, Kim Kardashian never really loved him and only entered in to a 72-day marriage for the sake of publicity and money.

Still, Kris is totally out to get back at Kim, according to the latest issue of OK! Weekly... by getting back together with his ex. That will show her!

A Revenge Romance

Anonymous sources tell the tabloid that Humphries never really got over Bianka Kamber, a Toronto native he dated for two years before meeting Kardashian.

"Bianka was his first love," explains an insider to OK!. "She's a very down-to-earth, sweet girl. He admits he wants to win her back."

First, though, Humphries must legally become a single man, a step he's reportedly hesitant to make because he's holding out for a big payday. Will he get it? Will Kamber take him back? Who will Kim date next? We can totally wait to find out!


I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
You can digg it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (uncensored version)

Bianka Kamber: Kris Humphries' Revenge Romance!
The vid is HQ which makes me happy
Good luck!


Men are like hamsters in a wheel - they are attracted to "hot bitches" that inevitably leave them heartbroken. Kris, after having been burned by Kim, quickly resorted to emergency bonding with his nice girl ex (he dumped her the minute he THOUGHT he MIGHT have a chance with Kim), Bianka. Not because he has any feelings for her, but
because of severe, debilitating desperation to show the world that he's alright and okay and definitely not the one who got used and disposed of.
A truthful observation: all those asshole "playas" get extremely mad and protective if you feed them their own medicine. I fail to understand why any of you vapid, catty wenches would defend the shallow, spiteful loser Kris. It all surely stems from your bloodlust for Kim, not genuine analysis of this entire story.


First of all kris
Should have
Stayed with
Is ex...was
A gold digger
And know left
Alone she she
Should not give
Him the time of day...


Am stil ur number 1 fan no matter wat they say ok kimmy!


i think kim should pay what is owed to kris. She already has million, damn stop being greedy bitch!


Kris is not stalling for $ if its the money they both made then Kris must also get his HALF what makes Kim think she can keep it all...just coz she's already a millionaire??? I'm proud of Kris for not being bullied by the KKK's.Kim thinks she can get away with treating people like shit_she thinks we are all brain dead just like her_i just hope their judge is not a Moron coz then it would be unfortunate for Kris


First of all Kim is the Look-a-like and not the other way round_Bianka and Kris dated 2years b4 he started seeing Kim and Bianka ran to tabloids mags to trash Kris now I doubt kris would go back there_ she can't be trusted


ooh,Kim I'm sorry but thats what you get when you rob the cradle,he is so immature.


Actually, did Kkris really fly to Toranto bcuz he had "an appearance"? Or was that just a.front to.see Bianka but Scott stepped n and put a stop to it?


I agree with geronimo. What woman in her rite mimd would take back a man who blew her off for anothwr woman?

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