Source: Kris Humphries Dragging Out Divorce, Hoping for Giant Payday

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Only Kris Humphries - and PETA - can paint Kim Kardashian in a positive light...

According to an E! News insider, a divorce settlement is yet to be signed between this briefly-married pair because the bruising NBA power forward is hoping to holdout for a payday beyond the offer on the table.

Kris Humphries on the Nets
K. Kardashian

"Kris is dragging it out," claims this Kardashian source. "Kim is ready to move on, but Kris is hoping that stretching it out will get him even more money."

As has been previously reported, this mole says Humphries wants to bank $7 million from the split… or $1 million less than his one-year contract with the New Jersey Nets. In exchange, reports have said he'll keep silent about supposedly damaging facts related to the failed union.

But "Kim never considered signing something like that," this insider says. "Kris can't take the time to consider [her] offer, but he finds time to do an interview with a tabloid magazine."

Ohhh, zing! It's important to keep this source in mind, too, of course. It's E! Online. Which pretty much views Kim Kardashian and her family as its personal ATM.

Seriously, Kris, Kim and those at E! who promote these people make the Nets look like winners.


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Source: Kris Humphries Dragging Out Divorce, Hoping for Giant Payday
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


kris humphrees is a loser and a liar. he said it was never about the money. i would be mortified if i were him. he mooched off of kim during the marriage and now wants more money from her. a real man would have walked away and not asked the woman for money.


Ugh! Get over it already. People keep saying that Kim made all this money from this marriage, well damn i could have sworn that Kris big dumb remedial ass was the 1 that asked her to marry. And as far as people keep bringing up her past, so the fuck what. He knew about it b4 they got married. And as far as i could see, whenever she tried to make it work with him, the clutz always threw a damm fit and always said "Im not doing this " like a big ass kid. I mean really. Kris really wanted to control kim after they got married. Wanting her to move way out in dumb ass cold ass MINNESOTA. I mean really dude she has a fuckin career just like he does.


kris is a big whiney, lazy ass slobby baby, grow up dude, you dont get an allowance one even knew who Kris HUMPhries was before Kim started dating him, I think he saw her as a financial opportunity! I saw where many a time he walked away from her saying "I'm not doing this right now" spoiled rotten baby is all he is!


I thought they signed a pre-nup per her wishes, it was shown on the reality show where they signed that and the marriage license where she insisted on keeping her name because of her business?????


They both benefit from dragging out this divorce! The media hype alone is to the Kardashians..the air they breathe! The most cruelest punishment for a Kardashian is having to live 24 hours without capturing a headline! YES! Bamboo shoots under the toe nails would be nothing as compared to this! A Kardashian's need for media attention is like Count Dracula's need for blood! This will go on and Jessica Simpson's pregnancy I swear!


I am NOT an idiot. But, as for your "bank account" comment...whatever. LOL,


@ jaybird 369: hey idiot! Cant u c dat kim is da 1 dats being used as a bank acount here?!


I wonder if any of Kris's New Jersey Jets teammates have girlfriends who are as skanky as Kim KAR-TRASH-IAN????? LOL!!!!!


Kris hold out for more $$$$$$

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