Ben Flajnik and Fiancee: Already on the Rocks?

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The Bachelor season finale and After the Final Rose special air on Monday.

All eyes will be on Ben Flajnik and his fiancee ... whomever that may be.

If you want to know who we think it is, check out The Bachelor spoilers page we've put up and updated throughout the season. But it doesn't sound good ...

Ben Flajnik Dumped?

From the magazine cover above, you'd assume that Ben was not only dumped by either Courtney Robertson or Lindzi Cox already, but he selected the wrong woman on The Bachelor finale, and there's a nude video scandal lurking.

That would be probably one-third true.

All of the reputable intel we've found thus far suggests that he has NOT broken up with his fiancee - despite his increasingly obvious lack of enthusiasm for the show and allegedly kissing some random girl last week.

They're still together. For now.

The After the Final Rose special Monday night should be telling, as it was filmed March 4, and will offer at least some insight on how the couple is doing. It airs immediately after Flajnik doles out his final rose around 9:55 p.m.

Who do you think deserves it?


I didn't think Aisle Candy could get better, but the aegnchs you've made are fabulous, Katie! The new links on the sidebar and the aegnchs made to the header really make AC pop with color.


I like Ben and Courtney as a couple. I think they are a cute pair. Too bad but when you are on the spotlight, the public will focus on finding something wrong with whoever it is that is getting the attention. I think women are generally catty when in a group and people feed off of that. Let's be real. Competition can bring out the best and the worst in someone. I think Courtney is smart and really loves Ben. She did what most women want to do. She put herself out there to get and keep his attention. And she won Like she said.....Winning....


I heard he picks Courtney & if I heard her say one more time "winning" I was going to gag. I do feel bad for him as every time he questioned his feelings for Courtney she pulled out the sex & nude card. For a geeky sort of guy that was a major win for him. She knew just what to do & when. Hope she is embarrassed as she should be & so should her family who made her the way she is.


Ithink Ben and Courtney deserve each other. He sent home the one that was truely his sole mate but he was not able to see it because he thinks everyone is against Courtney. But wait til he get Courtney, He will understand why she has the black gloves on. And for Lindsi where is the chemistry. Don't get me wrong she is nice but she is not the one for him either. Just because someones parents don't believe in drinking doesn't mean the daughter believes this way.


To put in my two cents about Ben, I thought Ben was cute, very nice build and he conducted himself like a gentleman throughout the season, for the most part. I hope he settles down with some nice woman (not necessarily Lindzi (I just didn't see any sparks or chemistry there), or, heaven forbid, Courtney. Courtney just didn't know how to get along with the other girls. I mean, I know it was a competition to win Ben, but you don't make it any easier by being so nasty that the other girls can't stand you. Big mistake, as far as I'm concerned. That's the wrong way to win, or attempt to win anything at all.


I for one want to say I ended up really liking Ben, as a person, a lot! (No crush--I am happily married) And For all those crazy mean people out there that called him all sorts of silly things--please!? He is so cute! I do not care for guys that are so good-looking they know it, and are vain and a bore. Better a guy with one or two little imperfections, and he really is nothing bad there.
He has a good 3/4 profile. Any shots of him at that angel are perfect.
Not everyone looks great in every frame--get over it. I have seen girls swoon on the Bachelor for men I thought were far less attractive than Ben~and people are intitled to like whom they choose. Why say rude mean things about a young man that is essentially a warm human, & a good-natured fella? Also he is who he is, not pretentious, and for the most part easy going.

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