Ben Flajnik Discusses "Women" Tell All Debacle, Seems Depressed About Being The Bachelor

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Ah, The Bachelor's traditional Women Tell All special. Courtney Robertson certainly didn't enjoy it, and neither did The Bachelor himself, Ben Flajnik.

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    Puhleeeeez - r u f ing kidding me? Those were sooooo crocodile tears - an extremely manipulative ploy that narcicissts use when being confronted to avoid truly taking responsibility for themselves & their actions - if you believe C's tears & apology - then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. And Ben looks pathetic & just plain dumb that he believes this -


    PHd candidate, Emily, was working at a strip club? Must have been working her way through college!


    I find that pretty hard to believe--I personally think we should not attack others (their character--reputation). Constructive criticism is fair--but now it has gone too far. I really thought C. was sweet at first. Then she was cruel-to be blunt-to Emily in particular--she also was
    dissing other girls...didn't like anyone to get positive spotlight it seems other than herself. But she has made a public apology--and I personally think it should be taken as real... It should be her chance to have a fresh start, and a clean slate--what she writes on it now matters most...she can be sweet and stay that way. Unless she decides to blow it...
    (It doesn't pay to be mean, self important and jealous--it takes your heart to a dark place-nothing good grows from that.)


    "It makes her FEEL like she's human"...LMAO #1 She's not THAT good of an actress! #2 The only pain sociopath's identify with is their own.


    I thought it was funny when the stripper thing came up because I recall seeing two of those girls, emily being one of them, working at a strip club in texas. and now they're beating up the model courtney? you women are something!

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