Ben Flajnik: Caught Kissing Random Girl?

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Bachelor Ben Flajnik was allegedly caught kissing a girl not named Courtney Robertson or Lindzi Cox recently. You can see the photo of the kiss at Radar Online.

We think. That could be her name, but that'd be an major coincidence.

The finale of The Bachelor will air March 12 (see The Bachelor spoilers we've compiled for clues at how that turns out), but Ben and his fiancee are reportedly on the rocks already. There have even been rumors that it's over.

Ben Flajnik Shirtless Pic

The alleged photo, taken on February 18, shows Ben clearly kissing a woman ... and not in the way one kisses a friend or one's sister. At least we think not.

Ben and the brunette spent the evening walking his dog and made out in the cool San Francisco night. The two of them were all over each other, PDA style.

Supposedly. Radar is not exactly reliable, though Ben has said that being The Bachelor was the worst experience ever, and watching this season has to hurt.

Tonight, Courtney makes a surprise appearance on The Women Tell All special, during which she apparently acted annoyed and not very into Ben either.

We'll find out for sure in a matter of hours. In the meantime, who do you think Ben should choose on the finale one week from tonight, Lindzi or Courtney?


Telling....she said during the bash session, "I truly/cared for Ben" - using the past tense. I figured it was an awkward moment for the staff. Pretty much gives it away that maybe things are not so good. Then again, these two are all about the money and fame. They too can make a lot of money starting with relationship sensationalism to selling the wedding to the tabs.....nothing is as it seems with the snakes.


Renee you are a stupid bitch..


I do not believe that rumor.


Everyone is so pitiful to act like immature school girls ganging up on Courtney. I'm glad Ben was a man and stood up for his woman Courtey.....I hope Ben stands by her side and sees the real writing on the wall and sees through the mean cruel accusations of everyone toward Courney and the hate in people for Courtney. All the people against Courney deserve to be told off by him. Courtney was only standing up for herself. Anyone pushed in the corner will come out fierce and fighting. They deserved the comments Courtney said. She was responding to their orginal meanness to her.

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