Whitney Houston Death Certificate Released, Uninformative

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The official death certificate for Whitney Houston has been filed with Los Angeles County and made available to the public - but it reveals very little about the singer that we didn't already know.

The document runs through the basics - name, date of birth, occupation ("entertainer"), marital status, next of kin (Bobbi Kristina) and place of death - and also confirms that she'll be buried at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey.

But it lists "deferred" pending further investigation as the cause of Whitney's death.

Whitney Houston Death Certificate

It's strongly believed, of course, that Houston died because she mixed prescription pills with alcohol, but no specific drugs have been confirmed. Autopsy results may not be back for weeks.

Below, meanwhile, watch Janet Jackson speak to Anderson Cooper about this tragedy.


you people need to really stop with the negative press Cissy Houston just lost her child do you really know what it like to lose a child the child is suppose to bury the parent not the other way around I feel sorry for these negative people Cissy Houston is not hardly thinking about money she just buried her daughter it takes at least a thousand days to really come to terms with this person never coming home and then for some waffle head to say distasteful things get a grip people let the Houston family grieve in peace lol

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