Whitney Houston Cause of Death: Prescription Drugs and Alcohol, Family Told

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The official results of an autopsy performed on Whitney Houston yesterday will not be released for weeks.

But sources tell TMZ the family of this legend has been informed by the coroner's office that Houston died from a lethal mixture of prescription pills, most notably Xanax, and alcohol.

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As previously confirmed, Houston was found unresponsive in her hotel room bathtub on Saturday afternoon and new reports identity the singer's aunt, Mary Jones, as the individual who found her there and administered CPR on the bathroom floor.

However, officials have told the family Whitney likely died prior to being submerged, as there was not enough water in the artist's lungs to cite drowning as the cause of death.

At last night's Grammy Awards, meanwhile, host LL Cool J led the audience in a prayer for Houston, while Jennifer Hudson later paid emotional tribute to the icon via a rendition of "I Will Always Love You."


I am sending prayers to the Houston family and all families around the world that are losing loved ones this way. I would like to know if it is possible for fans to purchase a copy of the momorial program booklet? Thank you for sharing the service with the world.


the Good Lord waits until a person is dead before passing judgment, who then are we to point any fingers.R.I.P. Whitney


@ Statix- thank you


The only tragedy is the fact we finally got over Micheal and now were stuck with this has been rammed down our throats. Her top song was ripped off from Dolly Parton who sung it much better and the only reason her biggest movie did so well was because Kevin Costner was in it. When she was alive she was nothing but a tabloid fodder junky. Mpw that she O.D'd she became a diva taken to soon. So to all who act like they knew her I say to you WAHHHH get over it.


All that keeps going through my mind is that we have lost both Michael and Whitney. Apparently others are still grieving the loss of M.J. or it would not be talked about now as if it only happened yesterday. There are not many superstar icons left and you can feel the loss. It is palpable. I really don't have much to add as to what others have already said I just wanted to add my feelings as a form of outlet. I guess that is a form of grieving. I would also like to add that my admiration after seeing Jennifer Hudson step up in respect and try with raw emotion to pay her a fitting tribute. I found myself seeing immediately most likely it would be the hardest thing she ever does on stage but she pulled it off as a consumate professional. I was forever impressed and found myself praying she would get through the song...I think we all were. It was a moment I shall not forget. A lot of people are comparing her to Judy Garland and I can see a lot of similarities.


RIP Whitney Houston dead last photos and death cause revealed here http://yep.it/lywugu


Damn life not far atall


Feel bad 4 her daughter and its a shame for anyone to die but no difference in the way she died versus the way a drug addict does in the streets and no one on here is saying anything about that


Rest in peace, God have you on his wings, enjoy your heavenly home. We all will always love you. I pray for your family unity. Prayfully,
Carrye Rudolph.


Rest in peace whitney. Rest on the angels wings thar carry you to heaven. For all of you who are speculating there must be a reason that god wanted her. Hate the disease not the person. There are no test results and no reason for the speculation. Only god knows why or what were the reasons.

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