Whitney Houston: A Music Video Tribute

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Her greatest single performance likely took place on a football field, as Whitney Houston is responsible for the most impressive, moving national anthem rendition in Super Bowl history.

But the iconic singer also sold over 200 million albums worldwide and collected six Grammy Awards. She's one of the most successful female solo artists of all-time, paving the way for stars of today such as Mariah Carey and Rihanna.

Now, in the wake of her tragic passing, we present a video tribute to Whitney and ask readers for their fondest memories of the legend...



i loved evry song she sang,
amazing diva and songbird.
nothing or no one can replace the lelodious voice and the beautifl angelic s,ile she alwaz had,
Hoping that Kristina will carry on your legacy and be the best like you always were.

T jones

Oh, I liked all of Ms. Houston's songs equally well. But, since I could only choose one song in the vote, I chose, "Saving All My Love for You". And I figured that "I Will Always Love You" would receive the most votes. That's why I did not choose that song. Another reason why I chose "Saving All My Love for You" is because it was the first song that I took notice of her talents when I heard it on the radio.

T jones

Whitney Houston was truly beautiful and talented. It is unfortunate that she struggled so much in her life with drugs, bad relationships, and being used by others who always had their hands out. I am going to miss her talent. Goodbye, Ms. Houston.


One of my favorite moments is seeing Whitney accept a musical award from her Cousin Dionne. Another moment was to see her mother Cissy and "Nippy" perform the gospel song "Prince of Peace" to an on your feet audience at The Grammy Awards.
Whitney was born in The Year of the Cat, and 1 of my absolute favorite
tunes penned by Whitney was "All the Man I Need", talk about a woman who could purr. Purrfection Purrsonified in that song!!


Now your at peace, that lovely voice has gone to sleep.

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