Whitney Houston Death May Have Been Caused By Prescription Drug Overdose, Drowning

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Prescription drugs were present at the scene of Whitney Houston's tragic death, and it's possible the star drowned in the bathtub, according to reports.

No illegal drugs have been found in the hotel room where a member of the legendary singer's entourage found Whitney Houston dead on Saturday.

When EMTs arrived, Whitney's body was already removed from the bathtub.

It will take an autopsy to determine if she overdosed, drowned or died from some other cause. The medical examination is scheduled to take place imminently.

Whitney Houston Photo

Beverly Hills police officers found various pill bottles in Houston's room at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, where she died yesterday at the age of 48.

There was no evidence that Whitney was drinking alcohol in the room.

Houston's body was removed from the room on a gurney and sent to the morgue for an autopsy to determine the official medical cause of death.

Paramedics performed CPR on the singer when alerted to her unresponsiveness but it did not work. She was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m.

Our sources say there were no obvious signs of foul play, but a full investigation is ongoing. Whitney's body was ID'ed by family and friends.

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@Msd, thank you for this comment you posted:
(@truth and @steffany007..so I really wanna know how u guys feel about Heathe Ledger and Ryan Dunn...they were both WHITE & were also addicts..so do you blame the WHITE community for their deaths since negative words were spoke about them during their career?? No!!! Again.. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE!!!) I didnt know either were actually proven addict, but it just proves the point that all races have people, famous people, who do drugs. NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE. If you people think it is about race, I really do feel bad for you because you are severally misinformed.


Carl, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? It has nothing to do with race, and yes you do see several white famous people on drugs. Infact a shit load of them just as blacks! So don't go saying "it is about race because white famous people don't do drugs" You are ignorant to think that. I assume your white so your trying to make your race sound better, but I am also white and I am not so ignorant to believe that only blacks do drugs.


First i want to give all praise to are father that in heaven..........thank u lord, for the voice and we will always will love u whitney.......it's sad how ppl look at one's problem and not there own life iz a trip for everyone on thiz earth and for us to be judge because someone else's problem iz real dumb to me..........we all have a problem in thiz thing we call life.....no one iz better then no one else......so let us let whitney rest in peace.......devil playground iz a curel for all of us place


To the Houston Look to the hill for whi,h comen your health your help come from the Lord .I will trustly keep your family in my prasie and in my heart.From a big fan of Houston


she was loved by many Tobagonians and still will be. to her family, relatives and fans she has gone to a better place and she will be waiting for us on the other side, let us not for get her but always remember that golden voice. Whitney we love and will always "RIP".


Most of these comments truly blow my mind. Whitney was an amazing & talented person. We should just give our condolences to her loved ones in our comments here. Drugs are a problem with all races. I am white, and I know many white ppl that have serious drug addiction problems and I know some black ppl that wouldn't do drugs to save their lives. I am an addict who has been clean for over a year and it is a struggle. I am saddened that ppl are making comments about her drug problem. So, please keep your comments to yourself about her drug use and what you think caused her death. The fact is this, she was a mother, daughter, niece, that was a loved by a lot of people, who do not deserve to be subjected to NEGATIVE COMMENTS. They deserve their privacy and this time to mourn the loss of Whitney. May u rest in peace & your loved ones find the strength to get threw this horrible loss in their lives. R.I.P. Whitney, you will live in our hearts, forever!


Condolences to the whitney's family and friends. She was a great artist and will be missed by many. It's sad that people are on here disrespecting her honor by making disrespectful comments and focusing on race. That is the problem in America today. People do not know how to be respectful, open hearted and non judgmental. The true issue at hand is that this is a problem that has become a trend among the stars. Over the past few years how many deaths of stars has there been. It's sad and only shows that there is more to the life of being famous behind the scenes that none of us may know. So stop being judgmental and let the women rest in peace. @ Mr. Smile: you may be right, sounds a little suspicious to me.
RIP Whitney your memory will live on


That's not the new me though =)


This is just too sad. Addiction kills. Get clean and sober and get a loving, supportive, caring group of people to surround you. If you are an addict this is how we do it. Sobriety is so much more difficult than drinking and using. This is a disease just the same as if you had cancer or ALS. Whitney we love you and understand. To her family much love is sent your way. To honor and show your love for Whitney live your life clean. Pay attention to the behavior of the people you love. Whitney was the best singer, so talented. LOVE


Are you (6) listening to this? (7) I have no more questions.