The Wedding Dance: Viral Film Makes Touching Statement on Marriage Equality

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The Wedding Dance, a three-minute short film by an up and coming director, Elliot London, makes a simple but profound statement on love and marriage equality.

The film and its surprising, touching ending have won raves since its release on Valentine’s Day, and is being used as a vehicle to fund Elliot’s next project.

London is currently working on a full length feature called FRIEND, which takes an in-depth look at anti-gay bullying in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

If it's anything like this short film, it will be worth watching:


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I get the point but was stupid. So the father was gay and so where the aunts. Just don't really believe in the gay marriage or being with someone of same sex. Also, not into inter-racial dating or having mix children. NOT THAT I WOULD BASH OR DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SOMEONE BECAUSE THAT IS THERE CHOICE. IM NOT A RACIST OR PREJUDICES PERSON EITHER. I BELIEVE THERE ARE GOOD AND BAD OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Thank you kim