Teen Mom 2 Recap: Leah Messer Admits Cheating on Corey Simms; Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera Hook Up!

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It was girls gone WILD night on Teen Mom 2 apparently.

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    Yesss, Leah is a tramp and a stupid whore. Her mother's reaction is weird. Telling her that she's got her back. Suppose she's the same.How did Corey find out,e ? Did the whole town know?That Robbie with the mega yellow teeth needs an ass whooping.


    After this episode I said aloud to mselyf. "Jesus this is awful. I am never watching this show again." And then they're all "finale". Great timing, brain.And that video of Jenelle beating that other chick up was awful. Yuck. What a bunch of I can't evenLike or Dislike: 0


    anyone know where you can get a neon leopard print headband like chelsea wears?


    its hard for me im 12 and i have a baby


    All yal ppl talkn shit about tha show go to hell!! These girls r jus living their lives the only difference from them to us is that they have da balls to show it on tv. All of us have
    gone through drama n have moved on from it and so will they. Get a life ppl and stop talkn shit bout theirs!!


    I am so shocked that you would say Chelsea is pulling it together. I have never seen someone w/ so little self respect or respect for her parents or little girl that she would let someone abuse her. She is not mentally disabled or finacially dependent on Adam. The only thing he does is abuse her. The first 15 times he was abusive to her it was his fault but now it is hers and calling her a slut bitch whore, Taking her daughter and leaving because she is being a stupid bitch whore and not telling when he will be back w/ her. Bailing whenever he wants but not before saying abusive things about her, their daughter and her family. Really pulling her life together. She does have a support system so to me she is inviting abuse into her and her daughters life and that is cruel.


    Wow....I just wanna say that all u people that are writing on here talking shit about these girls are really fucking low....I am a teen mom annd there a lot of shit that goes on in the background you can't go juding people utill you fix urself and walk in there shoes.....those girls have it hard enough with parent I don't have any so that makes it ten times harder...everyone makes mistakes and sometimes at the time people wanna make those mistakes....


    Wow the posters here are so cruel and mean mouthed, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Yeah the girls have made mistakes, big deal. Most people have made huge mistakes themselves but it was not aired on tv for the world to see.
    What I see is these 4 girls doing the best they can or think they can. Jenelle is the most messed up one of all with her anger issues and that mother of hers is probably to blame.
    They are young teens.. they have no life experience at all. I think is very childish to call them whores and the commenters saying crap about them opening their legs. Instead of being so negative why don't you try to be supportive. Who said you were any better then they are? Who said you have made all the perfect choices in life? If you do not like them, do not watch them. Go get your own life.


    Ok... To the girl who called leahs daughter a dwarf... Grow the fuck up,!!! That's a baby. I think all the moms do great besides poor jaces mom....ugh she's a dumb bitch.


    Leah is a whore who tricked Corey into marriage to help her with the kids. Corey needs a blood test. Leah need to be focusing on her daughter who is a dwarf, not opening her legs and mouth to any man asking for it. Leah never really wanted Corey she just was jealous of him moving on. Chelsea is a dumb as it gets and her dad stupid for supporting her whore house. Randy need to try tough love, because his daughter will go to any lenghth to get what she wants even if its bad for her. Her dad should not be paying any of her bills, you reward your adult kids for doing well not being a fool and supporting a man that's using you. Adam said, he wanted to sign his rights away to Aubrey. Chelsea gets cursed out every episode. Aubrey will be embarrassed by this show.

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