Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Can't Smoke Weed For a Year! A Year!

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Life sure is a constant battle for Jenelle Evans these days.

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    I hear people say that this show is so inspriational. That it helps teen moms and dads with their everyday lives. HELL NO. When this show first came out, it wasnt as bad as it is today. But now, all the sudden people want to say how inspireing it is! Give me a break! This show is only inspriational to the drama addicted, crack/pot head fucked up people.


    this show is completely dumb and ridiculous. I know a girl who was on this and her boyfriend told us that they paid him a shitton of money to say a bunch of mean things but they are actually fine. Think about what those children are going through. dumb dumb dumb. I am a teen mother and trust me....its nothing like that.


    janelle needs to grow up and take care of her son and get rid of that jerk, she has sucking all of her extra resources and her mother should put her foot up janelle's Ass. Kailyn is doing very good things her boyfriend seems to be sweet but her babys father is a selfish ass who believes he should come before his kid his parents have him spoiled him. I heard him rap take it from me he should wrap that up and get a real life. I hope she gets all that child support. Chelsea makes me sick to she is constantly trying to get this kid Adam to step up she looks like she finally got a clue he dont want you boo shes like a door stop shes begging to be used and abused she acts so dumb when he turns her down she looks so surprised that he doesnt respect her I wouldnt either you got nothing going for you and you keep taking him back. grow up Chelsea


    Jo is human garbage. Complete delusional trash - I hope she takes him for every penny his lazy ass makes on welfare while he lives with his parents.


    corey is not the father


    corey simms needs to go on the maury show for DNA test because he is not the father


    corey simms isn't the real father of the twins.


    Corey simms isn't the father


    you guys are great teen moms, just one thing jennele your freaking beautiful but you are ruining your life by being with keifer....Kaitlyn your beutiful keep up the good work. Leah you and corey was a great couple. i love all of you guys ur great just stay out of jail and pick better boyfriends/husbands:)


    I'm actually the founder of the National Association of Phed up Parents of Youngsters Anal Sex School, or NAPPYASS. We try to instruct young people to obstain but if still have a desire to have sex let em drill you in the butt that way as parents we don't get stuck raising the future convicts for em.

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